Hocus Pocus

ULTRA-Monthly #5 Cover From ULTRA-Monthly #5

"Hocus Pocus" InterviewULTRA-Monthly was a magazine supposedly published by Al Baker, the Ultraverse's fictional paragon of journalistic integrity (riiiiight). In issue #5, he ran a two-page spread on Mantra. The first had her giving an brief interview and included pictures of her around the ULTRA-Monthly office. (Although from the pictures and story, it's fairly obvious who the real illusionist is.)

"Win A Dream Date With Mantra"The second page was a contest page offering a "dream date with Mantra." Curiously, all the copies appear to have shipped with the entry form missing...

The fictional "letters page" of ULTRA-Monthly #6 had a few entries referring to this spread:

Letter #1:
Hey! What's the big idea? Somebody tore the coupon for the dream date with Mantra contest out of my copy of ULTRA-Monthly! I WON'T miss out on this contest! What are you trying to pull, Baker?
- Stanley Cynthia, Beaverton OR

Response to our Dream Date contest was overwhelming, Stan! I guess some lucky fan got to that copy of ULTRA-Monthly before you did. Next time, BUY your OWN copy, cheapskate!
- Al

Letter #2 and Letter #3:
I'm shocked! I thought ULTRA-Monthly was a legitimate news magazine. Then you run a sordid centerfold of that trashy Mantra woman. Cancel our subscription, immediately!
- Mrs. Helen Holt, Davenport, IA

Va-va-voom! give me more of this Mantra babe and less chatter! Extend my subscription, immediately!
- Mr. Justin Holt, Davenport, IA

In Mantra #5, Mantra learns of this "article" and confronts Al Baker. However, Al gets the last laugh the following month when he runs an article telling his side of the story.

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