The Hero Interview


From Hero Illustrated #9, March 1994

(Note that this appears on the back of a fold-out poster from the same magazine. Also note that the "editor's note" below is not mine, but is copied verbatim from the article.)

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Four weeks ago, we received a call from Len Strazewski, the co-writer of Malibu's Prime. It seems Len was engaging in his favorite hobby--ice fishing along the shores of Lake Michigan--when his hook caught hold of a manila envelope. Upon discovering that one of the stamps hadn't been cancelled, he dropped everything and raced home with his new catch. "I thought there might be a treasure map or something inside," he admitted in a dejected tone. All I found was this crummy Prime interview!" Which, of course, he sent our way.):

Al Baker, publisher of ULTRA MONTHLY, the personality magazine that specializes in the coverage of Ultras, recenty interviewed Prime, the most famous and probably the most powerful hero in the Malibu Ultraverse.

This is the first extended print interview with the mysterious hero since his dramatic appearance in June, 1993, rescuing a disabled commercial aircraft in the skies over Los Angeles. In the past few months, Prime has also been seen in conflict with several other unusual menaces and some other Ultra heroes, including Prototype, the corporate Ultra sponsored by UltraTech in New York.

Prime has generally refused requests for in-depth interviews, but agreed to discuss his life and career with Baker only after he learned the text would appear in his favorite comics publication, HERO ILLUSTRATED.

Prime, I've been chasing you around for an interview for months. Why have you finally agreed to sit down and rap with ol' Al Baker?

Well, Mr. Baker...

Please--you can call me Al.

Well, Al, there's been a lot of speculation about me appearing in newspapers, magazines and on television...and most of it has been really weird, y'know. I mean, really stupid.

Like, just yesterday, Variety ran an article about the Ultraverse and referred to me as a "mutant." That just isn't true.

If you're not a mutant, then what are you? Aren't all Ultras mutants of one sort or another?

No, not at all. I've met most of them and everyone is different. The Strangers were ordinary people until they were hit with the JumpStart Effect. Mantra is magic. Prototype is just a jerk in a suit.

Prime picture #1



Prime picture #2



Prime picture #3
"The Strangers were ordinary people until they were hit with the Jumpstart Effect. Mantra is magic. Prototype is just a jerk in a suit."
"I met President Clinton a few months ago... He seems like a real nice man. And I met Chelsea. She's great."
"Just yesterday, Variety ran an article about the Ultraverse and referred to me as a 'mutant.' That just isn't true."

Prototype's a jerk, eh? One of the early news reports indicated that you and Prototype nearly destroyed Pinnacle Pictures a few months back.

It was all a big misunderstanding. We sort of ran into each other unexpectedly and then a fire broke out and...well...we just got into each other's way. It wasn't anybody's fault...but he is a jerk.

And Mantra, you know she personally threatened me over the "Win a Date With Mantra" contest. I understand you and she have a "relationship," if you know what I mean?

[blushing] No, what do you mean? I've met Mantra and we're just good friends. That's all.

Cover of Prime #7Really? What about the episode in her swimming pool? With you dressed in...dare I say it...your birthday suit?

IT WASN'T LIKE THAT! I crashed into her swimming pool and pulled me out. Practially saved my life.

Yeah, she could save my life any time! What a set of...

YOU SHUT UP! Mantra is my FRIEND!

Yeah, OK, sure. What about the rest of your personal life. Where're you from? Do you have any family? What do they think about your being the world's most powerful Ultra hero?

Hmmm...I'm from Southern California and I do have a family, but I better not talk about them know...enemies and revenge and all that. When we're together we don't talk Ultra stuff. Just family matters.

There've been some reports, promulgated by those sleazy tabloid television shows, that you have sort of a "thing" for teenage girls...and that you were heard referring to one very young lady as your "girlfriend." What's the real story?

Well, I do have a girlfriend, sort of, but she's my age. Really. Maybe even a month or two older. I don't know what those shows said about me, but I think Ihave perfectly natural relationships for a boy my age.

Boy? just consider myself one of the boys, Al. Just a regular guy.

I'd say more like a 5XL tall with size 23 shoes, but that's between you and your tailor, Prime.

Ha ha. That's pretty funny. It was a joke, right?

Yeah, just a wee funny. Now how about this report about your skin? Some early TV footage of you in Somalia seems to show you can we put this gently...blotches and oozing sores on your face and hands.

Oh, well, I wouldn't really say it was that bad, but I guess you could say I have sort of condition that crops up occasionally, particularly if I don't eat right and get enough rest.

Prime flyingSkin condition? You mean like acne or something?

Sort of like acne.

I can see the skin cream endorsements now: "Hi, I'm Prime. When I have Ultra-blemishes, I..."

I don't think so, Al.

Yeah, well...seemed like a good idea. So, Prime, a lot of people look up to you as their hero and role model. Who do you look to as your heroes?

I met President Clinton a few months ago and I certainly respect him as our Commander-In-Chief. He seems like a real nice man. And I met Chelsea. She's great.

Chelsea Clinton...she's a young teenage girl, right?


OK, OK! What about your fellow Ultras? Anybody you especially look up to?

I was a big fan of the Squad before they...well, you know. And if anybody has influenced my own Ultra career, it's Hardcase. He was the first Ultra I heard about.

Who's stronger: you or Hardcase?

I don't know. We only met once and it was on the moon. The gravity's so weak there, it's hard to tell.

We're out of time, Prime. I guess that means it's the end of Prime-time. Heh-heh. Hey, before you go, I want to ask you if you'll come back and pose for some pictures some time? I can get some cheerleaders and...

I don't think so, Al.

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