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"The Crucible & Destiny"
Godwheel #0
January, 1995

"My God, Mantra, you've killed him!! What's wrong with you?" - Hardcase

"Oh, I'm just going through a phase...a very bad phase." - NecroMantra

Credits: Chris Ulm & Dan Danko (writers); Mark Pacella, Scott Benefiel & Keith Conroy (pencillers); Jerome K. Moore, Rodney Gates & Jim Amash (inkers)

Cover: Mark Pacella & Dan Panosian/Aaron Lopresti (artists)

Main Characters: Hardcase, Warstrike, Flygirl, Féline, Pressure, Lukasz

Supporting Character: Iago*

Villains: Argus, Rune, Lord Pumpkin, NecroMantra, Boneyard, Primevil*


After being resurrected on Earth, the god Argus retuns to Vahdala, unknowingly with Rune in tow. He finds the city is deserted and the artifact for maintaining his eternal life is not functioning. The Crucible of Life is missing the three Keys (Roc's Egg, Crystal Crown, and Windsword) which are essential to its operation. The former ruler of Vahdala, Ogma, deemed the gods unfit for immortality and banished the Keys until a mortal deemed himself worthy of weilding the Keys. Argus is attacked by Rune. But the vampire is easily defeated and stripped of his star stones. With these stones, Argus sees the mortals he needs: Earth's ultras. He teleports a band of them to Vahdala to do his bidding. He's amused that his newfound pawns war amongst themselves. NecroMantra catches Argus' fancy, which she takes advantage of. She tells the god she will do his bidding if he will let her kill the remaining ultras...all of them.

* Denotes First Appearance

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