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"The Archimage Quest, Chapter VI: The End of the Quest!"
Mantra Vol. 1 #14
September, 1994

Quote: "What does gender matter in the scope of all creation?" - Archimage

Credits: Mike W. Barr (writer); Mark Heike (penciller); Larry Welch (inker)

Cover: Bryan Hitch (artist)

Main Character: Mantra

Supporting Characters: Daron+, Korod, Lyra, Tradesmen*, Archimage+, Andelle, Donnos, The Inquisitors (Sunshine, Silas and Mordecai), Jolon, Nirita, Evie, Gus Sr., Gus Jr., Mrs. Walker, Lauren*, Carol

Villains: Boneyard, Notch, Boneyard's Wife

Point of Interest: First Appearance of Lauren, the new Mantra.


The force of Gwendorians and Nerosians attempts to infiltrate Boneyard's realm to rescue Archimage from being executed. Unable to do so, they enlist the aid of the traveling Tradesmen, who offer their help in exchange for Mantra's next child. She willingly agrees, and a small force enters the city. They receive unexpected help from Donnos (Archimage's son), Jolon, Nirita and The Inquisitors and successfully disrupt the execution. Mantra manages to overpower the last of Boneyard's Wives and reaches Archimage, who attempts to take over Mantra's body. Prodded on by his love for Eden, Lukasz refuses to relinquish control to Archimage. Mantra decapitates Boneyard, but then discovers that her foe was actually Archimage under one of Boneyard's illusions.

* Denotes First Appearance
+ Character Dies

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