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"Not Without Her My Daughter"
Mantra Vol. 1 #20
April, 1995

Quote: "My name is Lukasz, I'm a warrior. My name is Mantra, I'm a wizard. My name is Eden...I'm a woman." - Lukasz/Mantra/Eden

Credits: Mike W. Barr (writer); Brock Hor, Jr. (penciller); Jim Amash (inker)

Cover: Aaron Lopresti (penciller); Jeff Albrecht (inker)

Note: The cover image to the right is the cover art without the additional title and captions

Main Characters: Mantra, Evie

Supporting Characters: Pinnacle, Edgar Strauss, Nelcon*

Villain: Overlord*+


Mantra attempts to calm Evie down and release Strauss from the mystical stasis NecroMantra put him in. A voice that sounds like Eden lures Evie closer to Mantra's discarded cloak, and tentacles spring out of it, grabbing Evie and dragging her in. Mantra finds out that Evie is missing and follows her into the cloak. Inside is an artificial pocket dimension that contains artifacts and people collected by Archimage. Their leader, the Overlord, attempts to drain Mantra of her power and keep Evie as his bride. Mantra escapes and forces the Overlord to resume his normal, monstrous form. One of his knights, Nelcon, slays the Overlord, and most of the pocket dimension is destroyed, although everyone inside is returned to their rightful home. Mantra also manages to escape, although she plans on returning later to gather artifacts.

* Denotes First Appearance
+ Character Dies

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