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"The Archimage Quest, Chapter IV"
Giant Size Mantra #1
July, 1994

"Rise your weapon to those you are at once my peers and my rulers--the Sapphire Queen and the Opal Queen--in salute and obeisance!" - Topaz

"Whatever." - Mantra

Credits: Mike W. Barr (writer); Mark Heike & David Williams (pencillers); Ken Branch & Gary Martin (inkers)

Cover: George Perez (artist)

Note: Continued from Mantra #12; Continues in Mantra #13

Main Characters: Mantra, Topaz*

Supporting Characters: Prime, Opal Queen*, Sapphire Queen*, Lyra*, Etan*, Jontor*+

Villains: Boneyard, Boneyard's Wives


Mantra tracks Boneyard to the Godwheel, but he uses his magic to throw her transport spell off course. She ends up being captured in the city of Neros, which is populated solely by men. The Overlord Etan offers to give her to Gwendor, a city of women which is Neros' counterpart. Meanwhile, Jontor, a commander in the Nerosian army, decides to overthrow Etan and take Mantra for himself. Mantra escapes the city, but is in turn captured by the Gwendorians, who claim that the Sword of Fangs is really their weapon, Gwendor's Claw. Mantra must fight Topaz for posession of it, but Jontor attacks Gwendor and is repulsed by the combined might of Mantra and Topaz.

* Denotes First Appearance
+ Character Dies

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