Mantra Primed

by Indiana Jones

[I like this story, since it picks up on a little known facet of Prime's powers: Prime's appearance is determined by Kevin's subconscious ideal for a superhero. That's why Prime looks like Kevin's father, and looked a bit like Firearm during his "Rogue Prime" stage. The letters page of Prime #12 noted that this might prove to be a drawback if Kevin started to idolize Mantra... <grin> - Jenny]

It was a quiet day in the small California town. One could almost say it was too quiet.

Eden Blake wanted so badly for something exciting to happen. As usual, she didn't get what she wanted.

"Aww…Mom!" Gus bellowed. "Do I have to learn this? Math just stinks."

"Yes, you have to. If I hadn't had a college degree..." she started, her thoughts drifting off. She started thinking, SHE didn't really have one. As Lukasz, one of Archimage's warriors, she didn't have one. However from countless years and reincarnations, she knew that knowledge was a powerful tool. "I wouldn't have my job and you would probably be living with your father!" She finished. "Now let's get back to algebra. Now how do you factor (3x-8)(3x-8)?" she asked as Evie, Eden Blake's daughter sat glued to the TV.

"This is a special report from CNA News...! Now here's Dan Brokaw!" the TV spat.

"Mommy, they did it again!" the little girl whined.

"Hold on Evie, I'm sure it's something important or they wouldn't put it on." She said, glad something had finally come up.

"...Force One has been taken hostage. The Terrorists are holding the President and his wife. Details are sketchy but it seems to be a group of terrorists from the ACLU, the American Concession for the Liberation of Ultras! The plane is circling over the skies around southern California until they can be given emergency clearance to land. We switch you live to Jenny Kimball who is inside Air Force One. She was interviewing the President when the terrorists boarded the plane.

Eden was just itching to get up there and save those people. Then she wouldn't be stuck trying to help this kid learn math. "If I could just think of how to get out of her without hurting anyones feelings!" she thought to herself.

"Just what are your demands, Mr. Onyx?" the news reporter asked to a man who was seemingly made out of living black stone. The five people behind him grumbled and jeered. Finally he answered, "We want equal rights for Ultras!" he shouted. The people behind him erupted into cheers.

Jenny straightened herself then asked him, "So you think to get your rights by stepping on the rights of others?"

He seemed to mull that over when a tremendous blow rocked the aircraft. Suddenly Prime appeared out of nowhere. He dropped into the plane through the ceiling, which he quickly sealed with a plate of steel. The decompression was negligible. He grabbed Onyx and used him as a shield. The big stone man struggled in Prime's grasp, he was not as strong as he looked.

"It's Prime Time!" he shouted as he held Onyx. "Which of you losers wants at me first?"

Prime waited for the usual hail of bullets and/or firepower, but none came. The criminals had slunk out of the plane the same way they got in. As the dimensional breach disappeared, someone said, "I didn't sign up to fight Prime!"

The news reporter was stunned. So was Eden. "Damn! There goes my shot at getting out of this," she thought.

So she went back to helping Gus, and Evie continued to whine about her cartoons.

After Air Force One landed, A hail of press descended on the aircraft. They all wanted an interview with Prime, but he flew away, leaving a scared press secretary and a bewildered president to face the angry mob.

Flying back to his home, Prime decided to pass over Eden's house to see if he could catch a sneak peak of her undressing.

As he hovered over the residence, he spotted a mysterious shadow lurking in the shadowy bushes that surrounded the neighboring home. He flew in to investigate, but the intruder fled.

Prime decided to tell Eden about what just happened. He knew that if he showed up as Prime on her doorstep, her cover would be blown. Even though he was still full of Prime Power, he let his alter ego melt away. Kevin cleaned some of the left over goop off him and put on some clothes he had been carrying in a backpack.

Cautiously he rang the doorbell and waited for an answer. Evie answered the door and asked if she could help him.

"Ummm... I'm looking for Mrs. Blake. Is she here?"

"Yes, that's my mommy! Can I tell her why you're here?"

He thought about it for a moment and said, "My girlfriend Kelly baby-sits for you guys, she wants me to pick up a check. Your mom knows me, just tell her Kevin is Primed to see her!"

"I am NOT a baby!" she pouted and ran to the kitchen. "Mommy!"

Kevin waited a few minutes then Eden came rushing out to meet him. She closed the front door and was eager for Gus and Evie not to see them.

"This had better be important, squirt!" she said glaring at him.

"I saw some stranger hangin' around your house. I just thought you might want to know." He told and put his hands up!

"Well, I do have a lot of enemies. Thanks for letting me know, kid! Now I think you should go before your parents send out the marines." She tried to chase him off but he didn't want to go.

"Hey, if it's someone powerful, you could use a hand! Let me stay!" he told her.

"Okay, but just for a while. Don't let on about you know who and you know what." She told him motioning for him to go in the house.

She introduced him to her kids and they sat up watching TV.

Finally Eden decided that nothing was going to happen at this point and that it was time to go to bed. Eden had Evie get ready for bed earlier and now she was lying asleep on the love seat next to the couch. Eden picked Evie form off the couch and laid her to rest in her bedroom and kissed her goodnight.

Kevin said his goodnight and agreed that nothing was going to happen now. He went out to the front yard and went through the gate and entered the backyard through the sideyard. He knelt down by the pool and quickly shed his garments. Holding onto his backpack as tightly as he could, he let ooze pour from his every pore. Soon a giant of a man stood where a frail boy had just been.

"I should stay and make sure that Eden is safe." Prime said in a deep, rich basso. Then he flew off into the sky and began circling the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Eden was facing a dilemma of her own. She had slowly been getting used to being a woman and a mother, especially since she knew she was going to be a woman for a very long time. She had been dying to get rid of Kevin and get the children to bed so she could try something. She gave the kids one more look over then raced back to her room. Lukasz had never been interested in knowing what it was like to be a woman, but now she was, forever, and she had to give thought to the various aspects of being a woman.

She had been going through her host's clothes a few weeks ago and she had found her stash of lingerie. Eden had very risqué taste in sleepwear and it took Lukasz weeks to come to this decision. It took longer to find the best opportunity to try them out.

She slipped out of her clothes and stood in front of the mirror. Despite anything else, she was beautiful. "Archimage, you sure made one hell of a choice!" she said as she tried a few poses in front of the mirror. Being new to this, she didn't look as provocative as she would of liked. She went to the dresser and pulled out the black lace teddy that she had chosen the day before. She slowly slipped her legs through the teddy and felt tingles on her skin as the silk glided up her smooth shapely legs. She felt very feminine as she pulled it up over her curvaceous frame. She enjoyed the feeling as it molded itself to her body. She brought it up over her breasts and rested it on her shoulders. She zipped it up slowly and sensuously as she felt it grip her body more tightly and hug her breasts. She gracefully moved to the mirror and tried posing once again. With the help of the teddy, she posed in front of the mirror and this time she achieved the effect she wanted.

She admired herself in the mirror, trying new poses and loving it. Then she almost had a heart attack when two eyes stared at her reflection from her window. She turned around and shock turned to anger. She through on a robe and then mystically altered her dress into that of her Mantra persona.

She quickly phased through the wall and went in search of the voyeur who had invaded her privacy at the worst possible moment. If it was some teenage pervert, his parents were not going to need a crematorium to take care of their kid's remains.

She saw movement through the corner of her eye and immediately flew to intercept the intruder. The intruder didn't even have time to see what hit her before mantra had her on the ground.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Mantra shouted at the strange woman in front of her.

The woman pulled her hood off of her head revealing a beautiful woman with her hair tied back into a ponytail. "I'm just doing what comes naturally." she said before Mantra could even realize she had let her guard up. Suddenly a blast of energy shot out from beneath the woman's cloak and knocked Mantra six feet back into the pool. The woman laughed and threw back her cloak to reveal a stunning body covered with an outfit made of the same metallic cloth as Mantra's armor. It was a snug fitting body suit with armor that looked like it was made out of jewels on her chest abdomen and legs. It looked like Gwendorian armor, very fancy armor. She was also holding one of the power staffs of the Gwendorian warriors.

She walked toward the pool, only to be slammed by a waterspout rising out of the water like a fist. The strange woman felt the air drain from her lungs as she impacted against the fence. She got up immediately and pointed her staff at Mantra. Mystical energy leapt from the staff and arced toward Mantra. Mantra erected her mystical barrier to ward the spell. The fire struck the barrier with the force of a meteor and sparks flew. Mystical energies popped and sizzled and hissed, both battling for supremacy over the immediate area. Finally both forces exhausted themselves and fell away. Unfortunately, Mantra had little power left after the confrontation, while Mantra suspected this new comer to have more than enough power to finish her off.

Once again, the staff flared and the energy leapt again. This time, its deadly path would not be denied. Mantra tried to erect a shield but she was sure there would still be enough power to annihilate her.

Then, from out of nowhere a streak flashed through the air and intercepted the energy with its massive form. Prime was on fire as he landed on the ground, the energy still swimming and dancing about his form. He fell to one knee and struggled with the magic. Finally he stood once again, and with all of his might he threw off the magic bolt. The magic vanished into the atmosphere.

The stranger was visibly shaken, obviously no one had been able to stand before the might of the staff before now.

"Let me teach you the Prime Directive!" He bellowed. As an afterthought he asked, "You okay Ede... I mean Mantra?"

"I'm fine, just dandy!" she said, thinking, 'Great saved by a muscle bound idiot again, how embarrassing!' "Who are you?" Mantra asked the strange woman.

"Don't you recognize me Lukasz? This is what you made me, Whimsy!" she said smiling evilly!

"Enough talk," Prime yelled." Let's get dangerous!"

"Yes…," Whimsy said, "…let's!" Suddenly several creatures of molten fire appeared out of nowhere! Two of them jumped Prime and the rest went for Mantra!

Mantra called forth the power of the water and wind to eat away at the fire creatures. Two of them went out instantly, but Mantra didn't have the strength to continue the assault. Fiery rage came on relentlessly. Fortunately, Mantra had a few tricks still left up her sleeve. She pulled the ring off her belt and it instantly telescoped into the ominous Sword of Fangs. It sliced through two of the creatures, who evaporated in a bright flash of fire.

"Whew, those guys were getting to hot to handle!" she was about to turn and help Prime, when the two fireballs reappeared and formed into the nightmare demons she thought she had just rid herself of. "Wow, when are you guys going to realize when a woman says no, she means no!"

"It's payback time, Lukasz. Some say revenge is a dish best served cold, however I prefer mine raging white hot!" Whimsy hissed then began laughing maniacally.

Prime was having trouble with his two playmates…after intercepting the mystical energies he wasn't in Prime form. He lashed out in rage at one of the creatures he flew into the pool and was immediately extinguished. The other one continued to charbroil Prime. Kevin knew that his Prime body wouldn't last much longer. He could already feel the heat boiling him in his own skin.

"Now You've Made PRIME MAD! When Prime gets mad, somebody pays the Prime interest!" Prime grabbed the monster of liquid fire and crushed him. He could feel the heat getting through to his real body. Finally though he snuffed out the elemental, but not before the damage was done. Prime began to gurgle and melt into a puddle of green ooze. Kevin begin to suffocate and he clawed and pushed at his Prime skin. He burst through the skin into the air and gulped it down greedily.

Mantra saw that Prime was in trouble, but she was still occupied with her personal fire demons. She let the fiery beasts come as close as she dare allowed. Then she swirled her cape around and used it to swallow the creatures whole. "I'll deal with them later, if the cape didn't do it already. Now that we've rung their bells let's get the head ding dong!" She turned to see the cause of all the ruckus. Mantra knew that defeating a few fire elementals wasn't going to stop this woman. She was a powerful mage of the highest order, so she certainly wasn't going to turn tail and run. She stood there as if pondering her next move, but Mantra knew that Whimsy was just toying with them.

Kevin managed to work his way over to Mantra and though he was naked, stood there defiantly.

"Well little man, and I do mean little, glad you could join us. Now I must destroy you. My master won't restore me but, at least I'll be on his good side again." She said with an evil gleam in her eye. "Now just be good and die!" She started casting a spell and Mantra knew it would be devastating.

"Mantra, Can you give me any power like you did before?" Kevin asked. A light bulb came on in Mantra's brain. She linked her magic to Kevin's Prime power and drew a little for a shield while transferring some of her power back into Kevin.

Whimsy's staff began to glow and the spell was cast. It flew towards the two heroes and slammed into Mantra's barrier. She was exhausted, and it easily shattered the power washing over her before she could break the link. Something strange happened and the power transfer broke off with an equal exchange. The backlash of energy reached out and nailed Whimsy to the wall. She screamed and launched herself into the air and disappeared in a flash of light.

Eden was barely conscious and Kevin was sleeping like a baby. She pulled herself up and noticed that her armor had reverted back to her robe. She picked up Kevin and was going to take him in to lay on her couch. When she had him in her arms, he slowly woke.

"Ahhh, I've died and gone to heaven!" he sighed when he realized where he was.

"I think you need a cold shower, hormone boy!" she said and smirked. "You're fine!" he was about to smile at that comment until he realized what she meant and she dumped him into the pool.

He came to the surface and wiped the hair and water out of his eyes. "What did you do that for? I could've drowned! Now you're going to have to let me stay!" he said with teenage lust in his eyes.

"Why? Just Prime up and fly out." she said, looking leery.

"Someone might see me. Somebody had to have called the cops by now." he said hoping she would let him stay. "Listen."

"What, I don't hear nothin'," he said, confused.

"Anything, and that's the point. Whimsy must have cast a spell to keep this private. She's more powerful than anything I've ever faced. I don't know if even Boneyard is as powerful." she pondered everything that happened and tried to fit the pieces together. Finally, she gave up and just wanted to get to sleep. "It should be safe for you. How do you feel?"

He wanted to say tired and kept trying to sneak a peak around her robe. That's when he noticed the boots. He thought it was just some outfit of hers and didn't mention it. It killed him to say it but he admitted he felt as if he could Prime up already.

"And don't think I didn't notice your leers you little pervert. Trust me, I learned the hard way about respecting the opposite sex. You shouldn't take it lightly." she told him and noticed as he turned a bright crimson.

"Well, I guess I should be going then," he said then let the goop flow freely. Something was wrong and Mantra could see it even before the goop solidified. The frame was bigger, but not as big. Also, it was shaped funny. Finally the goop firmed and Kevin was Prime again, only a different Prime. Kevin almost screamed as he looked down at his prime body. It stood six feet tall and very well shaped. Including the breasts that jutted out of his chest. His Prime body had reformed as a female body and she was well built and wearing an outfit that resembled Mantra's, right down to the mask and long black hair. The only difference was that there was a purple cape and hood flying out in back of her and there were Prime symbols on various places on the armor.

"What the hell is going on here?" Prime asked. But instead of the deep voice he was used to, he had a dulcet soft tone that still had power, but lost effectiveness.

Mantra was dumbfounded and she tried to think about what was going on. She paced back and forth and kicked a rock and what happened next almost scared her to death. The rock picked up speed and sailed through the fence and into the neighbors garage. It continued up and out through the roof and kept on going into orbit.

She put her hand up to her mouth and said, "Oh my God!" She had to stop saying that phrase every time she got a shock, she thought to herself. "I hope I didn't kill anyone!"

She looked down at her hand and noticed that she was wearing a glove. When all she thought she had on under the robe was a skimpy teddy. She looked into her robe and ripped it open in shock to discover that she was wearing armor very similar to Prime's new female armor.

"Oh my GOD!" they both said in unison!

Kevin refused to accept the situation. He knew this had to be a dream. He kept feeling up his new body and kept wondering how long it would last.

"Would you quit doing that!" Eden whispered excitedly. "What if the kids wake up, what'll they think?"

"I can't help it. It feels so real…like it's a part of me!" the woman in the Prime outfit whispered back at her.

Eden sighed and tried to go back to her meditation. She had to divine how this had happened to prime. "Change, Growth, Power. Change, Growth, Power..." she whispered over and over and over. She couldn't understand what Prime was doing. When she first became a woman all she wanted to do WAS to keep her hands off herself. She didn't want to be reminded of her condition.

She kept repeating her Mantra, in hopes that it would give her the power to reverse the spell or give her the answers to her questions. Who was that mysterious woman, Whimsy? What were her powers and how did she do this to them?

The answers were not forthcoming and she was tired. "Kevin, please, for the last time, stop doing that!" Eden said as Prime blushed and stopped fondling his breasts. "I'm going to bed, you can sleep in the guest room."

"What? You can't give up! My mom will go ballistic!" Prime said.

"Quit your whining, kid! I'll think of something!" She said as her armor dissolved revealing the negligee she had been wearing before. Her face blushed a bright red and Prime couldn't take his eyes off of her. "Quit it!" she said as a robe magically appeared around her covering her.

Prime leered, a strange look on the face of a better than 6 foot 2 amazon, and said, "Well no need for that…I'm a woman now too!" He batted his eyelashes twice.

"Don't give me that! I know you're still a teenage boy under there!" she said in a low dangerous grumble. She walked over to Prime and slapped her in the face.

"Huh? What did you do that for?" he asked rubbing his cheek a little where a red mark was starting to form.

"For being a lech!" she snarled.

"What the hell is a lech?" Prime asked.

"You, someone who stares at women and treats them like an object!" She said. It took her a few seconds to calm down, then she told Prime, "I've come up with an idea." She led Prime to her bathroom just adjacent to the master bedroom. "Can you change out of that outfit?" she asked.

"I dunno, I'll try." Prime said and tried to will the costume gone.

There was a weird slurping sound and the costume seemed to fold itself in space and time. Then it disappeared. "Eeeww!" Eden twisted her face. Unfortunately, Prime was now a completely naked woman.

"I thought that's what would happen. If we are going to go out in public, we needed to ditch the uniforms." Eden said as she went to the bedroom and opened a drawer. She came back holding a few choice items. Eden handed prime a bra and panties. "Put these on. I'll show you how. When you get 'em on I'll come back and help you pick out other stuff."

"Where are you going?" Prime asked as she was trying to hook the bra behind her back just like Eden demonstrated.

"I'm gonna make a phone call" Eden said and went down the hall.

Prime had already put the panties on, they were a bit snug but they fit, but she could not get the bra to hook. It seemed way to tight to go around, but she finally got it on. The biggest obstacle was the foot lngth black hair swishing around. She got it caught in the bra once and spent a painful minute trying to get it undone.

Meanwhile, Eden looked up Kevin's phone number from his backpack. "Hello, Mrs. Green?" she asked.

"Yes?" she asked suspiciously.

"I'm Eden Blake, I live about three or four blocks from you. I'm calling in regard to your son, Kevin."

"Kevin! My God, do you know where he is?" she said.

"Well he came over to substitute as a baby sitter for his friend Kelly. He got a little carried away playing with my kids and he fell asleep after getting my kids to sleep. He's fine, but he's a heavy sleeper and he doesn't want to get going just yet." Eden didn't like lying but what else could she do? The fact that somehow she transformed Mrs. Green's little boy into an amazon super woman would freak her out.

Mrs. Green let out a sigh of relief. "Oh, that boy will give me a heart attack. I wish he would tell me what he was doing half the time. Thank you for calling."

"You're welcome, I thought you should know. I would have called you sooner, but I just returned home. I'll give you my address and I'll get Pr, uhh, Kevin home early tomorrow," she said a little upset about her slip.

They finished their conversation, Eden gave Mrs. Green the address and repeated assurance of Kevin's well being. As well as it can be at this point. She let out a sigh of relief as she set down the receiver and stretched out on the couch. She rushed down the hall just in time to see Kevin admiring herself in the mirror. Pushing up her bra and striking weird poses. "Kevin, what the hell are you doing?"

"Ahh, uhmm, I was just trying to see if the bra was right!" he said nervously.

This kid is weirding me out, Eden thought to herself. "More like the mirror was a playboy and you were getting an eyeful!"

"Well I was curious, I don't know what came over me," she said.

"You had to get used to being a grown up man, now it's just, ahh, little, different. We need to get some rest. I called your mother and explained that you were here babysitting. I'll call tomorrow and tell her you wanted to stay and watch the kids some more. Hopefully, we can get this all cleared up today." Eden explained.

"So we get some rest. I can't seem to Prime down. I guess I'll see if I can sleep like this." Prime said fidgeting with the bra. "How do girls wear these things?"

Eden smiled…not long ago she had asked herself that question. "Maybe I should have started you out in a training bra!" she laughed.

"Not funny. I can't sleep in just this." Prime said pulling the strap of the bra.

"Well I have some over size T-shirts. That'll have to do. We also need to pick you out something to wear. If we go out in public and have to change back, I don't want to attract any unwanted attention."

She pulled several T-shirts out of one of her drawers. The first one didn't fit very well. It was tight and short. Not leaving much to the imagination. Finally, they found one that fit relatively well. It was a little tight but it hid most of her legs.

They tried to find a pair of jeans to fit Prime, but they were all way to tight. They finally had to settle for a loose flowing skirt.

"I've only been in this body for a few hours and I have to wear a skirt?" Prime said looking at herself in the mirror.

Eden smiled at this too, only a few hours after she became a woman she had to dress the part of a bombshell. "You'll get used to it! Now let's get some sleep!"

Prime wondered about that last remark, but she undressed and went to bed in the guestroom. Eden disrobed and peeled herself out of the teddy and switched to one of her T-shirts.

It fit a little less comfortable and fit a little short. Eden inspected her body and noticed her muscles were a bit more defined. She was a little bit taller, and she certainly felt more powerful. Her magic was still there, it just didn't feel as strong as compared to her new powers. After a few pondering moments, the raven-haired beauty drifted off to slumber.

Prime had a more difficult time of it. She just kept going around and around in circles about the feelings of her new body. It was just like her old Prime bodies. There was some supernatural puppet master control over the shell. It was as if she had been born in the body. Eventually sleep came to this beauty as well.

Prime awoke to the smell of bacon frying and complaining kids. She heard something about cartoons and a trip to the library. Prime slowly raised from her bed and scratched a few itches. She yawned as she walked into the kitchen. Eden was standing there trying to conduct this comical opera as Evie and Gus argued over what cartoons they wanted to watch. Prime came in behind Eden even as she was talking to Gus.

Gus' eyes went wide as the amazonian beauty that Prime now was walked behind his mother. "Gus what is your problem? Are you listening to me?" Eden asked realizing too late what he must be staring at. She said a little prayer under her breath and turned around.

"Uhhh, Karen, I thought you were going to sleep late? Kids this is my friend Karen. She and I are going to be shopping today while you are at the library."

The kids shot a million questions towards her at once. They were awkward and hard to answer until Eden called a halt to it. "Okay that's enough, go get ready for your reading party." She looked at the kids and smiled. "You know Gus and Evie both won awards for reading the most books." she said absolutely beaming. Gus, of course, was embarrassed but he accepted the praise and Evie just about died of happiness there on the spot. It was obvious that Eden and these kids loved each other.

The kids hurried off to get ready and Eden sighed some relief. "That was close, what are you doing?"

"I forgot where I was for a second. Don't blow a fuse." Prime said looking down at the floor.

"Well I guess I should have told you something. Usually these two are at school already. They like their Saturday morning cartoons, though. I wish I could get them as excited for school. Now go take a shower and get dressed."

Prime turned back to the room and started to walk away. A sudden thought hit Eden and she told Prime, "And make it short and save me some hot water."

Prime just smiled to herself and thought, I hope you like ice showers.

Prime stripped and turned on the water. She let just enough warm water flow to ensure that Eden wouldn't have any. Satisfied, she stepped inside and began to wet her hair when she realized she had no clue how to take care of this hair or this body. She reached down between her legs and verified that everything there seemed to be in working order. As the water cascaded down, a sensation grew somewhere in her lower regions. She needed the bathroom. She held the sensation in check and continued to try to wash her hair. It took a while, but she got it done and started to lather the soap. Suddenly, the shower turned ice cold and little icicles started forming around Prime's body. Then the water got hotter…almost boiling. She screamed and jumped out of the shower.

"What the hell?" she asked dripping.

"Just to let you know it's not nice to fool with a sorceress!" Prime turned and almost gave herself whiplash. She saw Eden standing there laughing. Prime grabbed a towel and dried off. Then she reached back in a shut off the water.

"Why I oughta..." she said in warning.

"Now, now, you deserved that for trying to hog all of the hot water. Now get dressed. Now that the kids know about you we can save a little time and drop them off on the way." Eden said smugly.

"Well I need to use the bathroom, so excuse me!" Prime said and stepped up to the bowl and acted like he was going to whip out his equipment. Eden tried not to laugh, after all this seemed all too familiar. It didn't seem funny to her then, but now it was hilarious. She showed Prime the proper way to do it and left him to it. Prime got up and walked into the bedroom.

While Prime tried to get the bra on Eden took her shower. Prime got dressed in the flowing solid black skirt and matching blouse. Eden told her to wear panty hose but Prime would not hear of it. They couldn't find shoes to that would fit Prime, but it turned out that Kevin's shoes were just about a perfect fit. They were all ready to go out.

They all packed into the car and started for the library. Along the way the kids drilled and questioned Prime. She thought she was being interrogated by terrorists. But she survived the ride to the library and the real fun began.

"So where are we going?" Prime asked.

"Well, we're going to drop the car off at the mall. It should be safe there until we get back. If anyone asks, we were at the mall. Then we go to the Hollywood sign. I traced the trail of energy from Whimsy. She entered this world from that point. It seems to be a nexus between this world and Boneyard's realm," she told Prime. Then she launched into the whole story about her adventure with the strangers and how Boneyard entered and exited this world. (All explained in Mantra #12 and Strangers #13.)

They had to find Whimsy and get her to reverse whatever it was that she did. They made sure that no one was around. They parked in the back section, as far away as they could. Prime and Eden called their costumes into being and made sure that no one saw them.

"After what happened I'm not sure what our powers are. Shouldn't we try them out first?" Prime asked.

"We don't have the time! We'll learn as we go!" Mantra said then jumped into the air. Her cape caught wind and she rose into the air. "Come on Prime!" she called down to him.

Prime was a little bit leery, but she jumped into the air and took after Mantra. They flew through the sky and practiced a few moves before making a line straight on into the Hollywood hills.

Prime knew that there was something different about the way she was flying and Mantra noticed it as well. For Prime, it was as if the air was caressing her body…holding her in its embrace lovingly. Mantra felt more like she was defying gravity. It feels wonderful, they both thought.

"You know," Mantra said," I think that I know what happened to us. Do you feel as if the element of air is helping you fly?"

"Yeah, it makes me feel weird inside." Prime said in a breathy, almost sexy voice.

"Well don't get to used to it. Pull yourself together!" She snapped. Something has been weird with Prime since this happened, Mantra thought. "I think that Whimsy switched our powers around. She also seemed to take something out of me and given it to you, and vice versa."

"Well the sooner we find her, the sooner we get back to normal," Prime shouted and shot towards the hills like a rocket.

They landed at the spot Mantra pointed at and began looking around. She tried to concentrate and started repeating her mantra but nothing seemed to happen.

"I need your help, grab my hand and repeat after me!" Mantra ordered Prime.

"Change, Growth, Power..." they both chanted in unison, over and over.

Then something began to happen. A blue light popped into existence. It was a pinpoint at first then slowly it grew. Suddenly it rapidly flared and grew into a large cocoon of light.

Prime gasped in awe and just stared wide-eyed. Eden had seen this before and was not impressed. "Come on, let's go through! Whimsy's trail leads in there!" Mantra said and made ready to jump into the gate when a fireball leapt out and knocked her back into the side of the hill.

She had the breath knocked out of her but she managed to pull herself up in time to see Whimsy step out of the portal. She laughed wickedly as Prime leapt towards her and landed a massive punch to her face. The blow was ineffective and Whimsy just laughed it off. Then she glared at Prime and a large red ball began to form in the air.

"Prime!" Mantra shouted. "Raise a shield quick, or she'll fry you!"

Prime was confused, but she concentrated and a shield formed around her just in time to intercept the fireball. It struggled against the shield but eventually dissipated.

Whimsy seemed stunned. "How? No mystical shield has ever stood against my attack before!"

"Prepare to be Primed!" She yelled and leapt for Whimsy.

Whimsy easily avoided it and she began to chant something. The ground shook and something began to rise out of the ground. They seemed to be on fire as they formed monstrous humanoid shapes.

"Elementals!" Mantra yelled, then tried to hurl a water blast against them. Nothing happened. One of the elementals grabbed Primes arm and she screamed as it seared her flesh. She desperately wanted water! From out of the blue a spout of water rained down and soothed her flesh and at the same time quelled the heat of the elemental. For a moment the creature seemed to freeze but then the rock moved of it's own volition.

"Prime you are going to have to use water, fire, earth or wind to stop these creatures. Somehow our powers have switched! Think about the Element and what you want it to do and it should happen!" Mantra yelled as she put her fist through the head of one of the elementals. It continued to burn but it fell over. The thing immediately returned to it's upright position and the hole began to seal it up. Mantra leapt above the creature and pulled the ring off her belt. It sprang to life and became a sword that Mantra used to sever the arm appendage of the creature. It fell to the ground and seemingly melted into the ground. Suddenly the creature grew its arm back and shot a ball of flame from it's now gaping maw. She avoided it and decided to try something else.

Prime was having major problems. She would quench the fire of one then crumble another, but they kept coming. Prime did not know how she was going fight off these creatures. "Mantra, this is getting us nowhere! We have to come up with something else!"

"Agreed," Mantra said. "Let's fall back and think of something else!"

With that they leapt into the sky but they did not get far. "Ah, ah, ah! Don't be in such a hurry!" Whimsy said firing a bolt at the two women. They fell out of the sky and landed with a bone-crunching thud on the ground. Several elementals fire went out and they grabbed the two women and held them before Whimsy.

"My, how the mighty have fallen!" she said laughingly. "I guess you have guessed by now why they call me Whimsy! My powers cause unpredictable things to happen. Just like my name, my power works on it's own whimsy. I didn't know what to expect, but this is better than I had planned! I have more magic in my little finger than you have in your body, soul or armor," she said, laughing wickedly.

"So what!" Mantra screamed, "Who the hell are you?"

"Why who do you think I am Lukasz? I am what you and Lord Boneyard made me!" she said running her hand teasingly over Mantra's breasts. Then she reached up with her hand and held Mantra's face. "I am going to enjoy torturing you, then watching you bed Boneyard in my place!" Whimsy said then kissed Mantra fully on the lips, slowly and passionately enjoying every minute of it.

When Whimsy finished she slowly pulled away from Mantra. Mantra just stood there in shock. Then Mantra asked, "If you are so powerful, then how could Boneyard make you do anything?"

"He knows my real name. He placed me under a geas. If I don't serve him I will suffer horribly. Also I wanted revenge on you for killing me. He made me an offer, bring you to him and he wouldn't wed me and force me to bear his demonic litter."

Mantra struggled in the arms of the elementals testing their limits. "He's lying, he's Boneyard it's like breathing to him. If you are that powerful, he'll take you as well!" she said formulating a plan. If she could just stall her long enough.

"I am just going along until I learn enough to break the Geas and take my vengeance on him. I have no intention of going through the rest of my life like this. Enough of this--take them through," Whimsy ordered the Elementals. Then she stopped and turned to Mantra, "I guess we'll just have to dance later at the wedding!" Then she blew Mantra a kiss. Stunned, Mantra knew then and there exactly who this was.

She broke the creature's grip on her and leapt into the air, "That's all I wanted to know!" she said as she sliced the head off of one of the creatures. Prime used an air blast to blow the creature holding her apart. Then she followed Mantra into the sky!

"Lukasz! You shouldn't be able to do that! I know your name!" Whimsy cried angrily.

"That didn't work for Boneyard and that's when magic was my only power. You have mixed it up and sealed your defeat!" Mantra said as she sliced and diced the creatures.

"What is going on?" Prime asked. "Why didn't you do that sooner?"

Whimsy was firing wildly in anger. Mantra and Prime were having to dodge and dart to avoid being hit by all the fire.

"I needed to know that information and I had to give us both time to build more strength!" Mantra said as she flipped in the air to avoid a blast. "Now I know who she is, I can trap her. But we need to drain her power a bit…are you ready?"

"Ready for what?" Prime asked.

"We need to join our powers and take these creatures out. Here hold my hand!" Mantra commanded and as they touched hands they began to shine like another sun in the day.

Prime knew what she had to do. She shot several of the creatures with a deluge of water. As they cooled, Mantra dropped down into their midst and started tossing them into the air. As they flew into the air Prime used air to shatter them into a million pieces. With their contact with the ground broken they were unable to reform themselves. Whimsy was raging, she used more and more power to try and bring them down and she raised more elementals. Mantra was getting tired when she thought of another way to deal with the elementals.

She flew back into the sky and grabbed hold of Prime's hand. She felt the power flow through her. The water poured down in a flood then the earth and wind conspired to toss the creatures into the sky and shattered them. Mantra and Prime failed to notice that Whimsy was charging her staff. A bolt shot out of it and slammed hard into the two heroines as they floated in the air. Mantra did not have enough time to erect a shield and the blast hit Prime straight on. Mantra felt something weird as the energy surrounded Prime and her. Prime flew off into the sky and came down behind a hill and disappeared from sight.

Mantra was barely able to control her descent and she hit the ground pretty hard. Whimsy grinned like a Cheshire cat as she approached the fallen sorceress to gloat.

"I have you now!" Whimsy said with a gleam in her eye. Her staff began charging up with mystical energy. "I hope you rot in hell!"

Mantra looked up and shouted, "You first, Notch!"

Whimsy's eyes went wide as the energy in the staff discharged into the atmosphere. "Nooooooo!" Whimsy screamed as she felt her powers drain away. She fell to her knees sobbing. "After you killed me I thought I would be free to join my ancestors. Boneyard would not let it be that simple. He said that since I lost to a woman, maybe I should learn to think and fight like one. He transformed my body into this then brought my spirit back into it. You should have made sure he was dead, now no one is safe. I must now face the most horrible of punishments and return to Lord Boneyard in failure. I'll see you in hell, Lukasz!"

Mantra began to feel sorry for her long time foe. "You shouldn't have dropped so many clues to your identity. I think you wanted me to beat you."

"That's crazy! Why?" Whimsy asked puzzled.

"This is why!" Mantra said as she began to chant.

Whimsy felt something snap as she felt magic run all over her. Somehow Whimsy knew the Geas that Boneyard had put upon her was gone. But then something else took its place.

"What, what did you do?" she asked.

"I removed your Geas. Boneyard no longer has any hold on you." Mantra answered with a smile.

"But you put another one on me. What do you want?" Whimsy asked trying to compose herself.

"I don't want anything from you. I had to…Boneyard knows that I am more powerful than him. That's why he never attacks me directly. My Geas will keep him from using your name against you. You are free to do as you wish but you are bound to help me if I ever need you. It's the only way to free you from him for good. You are free to go wherever you wish."

"But I'm not free, you still own a piece of me. What will I do now?" Whimsy asked uncertainly.

"No, You are free. You know me Notch, I am a woman of honor. I will more than likely never call on you."

"Don't call me Notch anymore. From now on I'm Whimsy." She declared.

Mantra winked at her and said, "I recognize that armor, it's Gwendorian."

"Yes…Boneyard had me infiltrate and train as one of their elite guard." She responded.

"Why don't you return there. I have friends and obviously so do you. Learn to control yourself. Be well."

"Don't you fear that I will use my powers for evil?"

Mantra didn't even have to think about the answer. "I said you are free. We are all free to do evil or good. The choices we make in life determine what we are. Just make the right choices. I'm sure that is something Boneyard probably never gave you. You are only bound to help me, not act like me!"

"Thank you Lukasz. I'll never forget you, and I'll think about what you said. In Gwendor!" Whimsy said as a gate flared up in front of her and she stepped through it. Mantra could see the splendor of Gwendor in the portal before it closed.

Instantly, Mantra headed for the place where Prime went down. She set down behind the hill and saw the body of Prime melting way into a puddle of green ooze. She looked around to find Kevin who was kneeling behind a bush. He seemed to be taking something off. He came around the bush and handed several items of clothes to Mantra including a skirt and a bra.

"So I guess things are back to normal huh?" The boy asked.

Mantra chuckled and said, "Yeah, I guess you could say that. Just define normal." She waved her arm as if to indicate the battle they had just fought and the green oozing puddle on the ground.

"Did you two know each other?"

"Yeah we have a long history together. I think for the first time in his, er, her life, she finally has her freedom."

Mantra said staring back to where the gate had disappeared.

"Now we gotta get you home and pick up my kids!" She said as she formed clothes around Kevin's naked body.

"Speaking of clothes, why do you still have that version of the Prime armor?" he asked.

She looked down and noticed that she was still wearing the armor that was made from her union with Prime. "Just a second!" she said. Then, she removed her cloak and dove into it. When she reached the inside of the Fortress, her normal armor was hanging on one of the mannequins. She quickly exchanged the outfits and headed back to the outside.

"I love doing that!" she said as she burst forward out of the cape.

"What did you do with the armor?" Kevin asked.

"I'll wear it next time we team up, I promise. I think somehow the universe wanted this to happen." she stated. Then she picked up Kevin and they flew back towards the mall. "So did you learn anything from this?" Mantra asked him.

"Yeah--that I like being who I am!" Kevin answered.

"Knowledge is power. I hope you learned something else something about women."

"Well, I'll have to think about that one!" he said as they flew of into the sky.


Eden had dropped Kevin off to his grateful mother who immediately grounded him. She felt sorry for the kid but knew that his mother couldn't enforce it. Then she felt sorry for his mother. After all she didn't have a clue how bad she had it as the mother of Prime.

Eden sat back in front of the TV and watched the news report. Kevin had just phoned her to tell her that he was Priming up normally again. His Prime body was male and just as strong if not stronger than it ever was. She told him that her magic was back to normal. Then he told her to watch the news.

The reporters were swarming around trying to avoid the debris that was falling from the battle with the elementals. They hung in there though and the cameras kept in focus on the combatants.

"Yes, we have confirmed the Identity of one of the Ultras fighting up here in the Hollywood Hills area," the reporter said, holding his receiver to his ear while ducking. "One of them is definitely Mantra. We don't know who the other two are, but one of them appears to be a female version of Prime. Some are calling her Lady Prime others Primera. This reporter favors Lady Prime." Just then a loud explosion and all of the cameras went blank.

Then the anchor came on. "That was the scene in Hollywood today as several Ultra's fought it out in California today. We would like to repeat that no one was injured and property damage was minimal. The battle ended rather quickly and abruptly. Government officials are investigating. As for the explosion that disabled the cameras, the theory is that it was some kind of Electro Magnetic Pulse. Since Mantra was involved speculation is that it might have been some form of magic. That's our special report for now, we will have more information for you as it becomes available."

Eden clicked the TV off and went into her kid's rooms to check on them. She was growing fond of them and was starting to be glad to have her around. She promised Evie's real mother that she would take care of them. But she was glad to have her especially since she reminded Lukasz so much of her mother. She was growing to love Gus just as much but he could be a handful.

She closed their doors and blew them a kiss. Then she turned to her bedroom, "Now where were we? Ah yes! Back to the lingerie. I just hope nothing else happens tonight!"


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