Timeripper II: Reality Bomb

by Eddie Glover

Chapter 1---Mantra

Lukasz stood watching the sun fall alongside her partner Warstrike. They were on patrol tonight of the city, something they'd done together since returning to Earth from Boneyard's dimension.

She turned to look at the buxom blonde alongside her. It had been only days since Warstrike had become a woman, and his body still bothered him. His uniform fit his female body like a second skin...showing off curves that he'd never possessed until the whole Timeripper mess had occurred.

"Still brooding, Brandon?" she asked while putting an arm around the other woman's shoulder.

Brandon Tark sighed, "No. It was my choice to become like this, remember? It was the only way to save you from becoming a bimbo at Timeripper's hand."

Lukasz smiled, "And I'll be grateful forever! Listen the kids love you already Warstrike, you handle them a lot better than I ever thought you would."

"Aunt Brandi," Warstrike chuckled, "I can't say I ever thought of becoming that. You know....," her eyes glazed for a moment at that time....making Lukasz armor up into Mantra.

"What is it? An attack?" she said while shaking the woman. She knew Warstrike received flashes of future events sometimes quite unexpectedly.

"No....something's happening....energy from Timeripper seeping into our world...and others," Warstrike groaned as she strained to rise.

Mantra frowned, "Did you see where that energy was going?"

Warstrike groaned again, "People we know....it followed us back through the time stream."

"We need to get back to the house," Mantra frowned while lifting them into the air with her winds. "I've got a feeling something is happening there."

She changed her armor and Warstrike's uniform into jeans and blouses and walked inside the home she kept as Eden Blake, the woman whose body Lukasz possessed.

"Mommy!" Evie said while running towards her, "It's Gus...he...he..," she pointed towards the bathroom.

Lukasz walked into the bathroom and gasped at the sight of a young girl staring at herself in horror. The girl looked a lot like Eden herself, but only about thirteen or so.

"Mom! Look at me!? What the hell is going on!?" Gus screamed while holding out his slim female hands.

Lukasz hugged her son-turned-daughter and frowned. They had thought Timeripper dead, apparently that wasn't to be the case.

"I'm here Gus, just calm down. I'll find some way to change you back," she soothed.

Gus sobbed, "I'm a girl! How can you help me!?"

Lukasz changed her clothing to the armor she wore as Mantra again, "Because I've got some some experience with magic kid."

Gus forgot his change for a moment as he stared at his mother...who was Mantra!

She fainted a moment later.


Chapter 2--Batman and Robin

Brenda Wayne sighed as she danced with yet another bachelor seeking to become her husband. Only a few people in the world knew that Brenda Wayne was once Bruce Wayne. To everyone else she was the very eligible widow to the now deceased Bruce and also the owner of Wayne Enterprises.

She hated having to act as if she liked being flirted with by these men, almost as much as she knew Tim Drake hating having to play at being Tina Drake.

"I feel like such an idiot," Tina sighed while coming up next to Brenda, "Stuffed into this white dress with my cleavage being drooled at by every guy."

"You don't have to be here Tina....I know you'd rather hang out with Superboy and Impulse," Brenda said while turning to look at her partner.

Tina Drake snorted, "Superboy has been even more of a wreck about changing into a girl than me! As for Impulse.....well...he....she's just weird."

Brenda grinned, "At least you aren't being flirted with by every man in Gotham."

At that moment the window shattered as four men swung in carrying machine guns. Behind them was a stunning woman in a green uniform covered by purple question marks.

"Where is Batman....or Batwoman...or whatever he/she calls itself these days!?" the woman snarled while tossing her long black hair off her face.

James Gordon thought of reaching for his gun but stopped himself. Instead he looked at the woman and spoke.

"What happened to you, Riddler?" he questioned.

The woman's lips curled back in a sneer, "That should be quite obvious, Commissioner! What is one half the human race but all the sweetness and lace?"

"Women," Batwoman said while swinging in a window and kicking one of the Riddler's henchmen in the head.

She spun and threw two batarangs that disarmed two other goons even as Robin was smashing her staff into the back of the fourth goon's head. "Just us now, Riddler," Batwoman said while advancing on the woman.

"As I wanted it! Tell me what happened to me!?" The Riddler sobbed while cupping her breasts, "I was sitting in my hideout working on another plan when I felt strange. Before I knew it my ass was growing and I had tits on my chest!".

Batwoman frowned at this news. She'd been told by the time-faring hero called the Traveller that some of the massive gender flux from Timeripper's defeat would be funnelled to the time periods already affected by that evil being's machinations. She'd assumed that when the Joker and his henchmen had been turned into women that the gender flux was over.

"When did this happen?" Batwoman asked.

The Riddler looked up, "Last night! I had to bring you to me so I told my gang we were coming here to hold these people ransom. I knew you would show. Can you reverse this!?" she asked while indicating her very buxom chest.

Batwoman sighed, "Not yet. But I think I know someone who might be able to help. Go to the police station with Commissioner Gordon while I check on something."

Later that night Batwoman and Robin pulled into the Batcave. They got out with their minds reeling over what had happened.

"Where's Alfred?" Robin asked while looking around, "He's usually waiting for us."

"H....Here Master Tim," a soft voice said from the shadows.

Batwoman turned, "Alfred? Is that you....what happened?"

A beautiful woman walked into the room wearing a man's butler uniform. Her slim, sexy body was that of a woman perhaps half the age Alfred should be.

"I seem....to have shared your change," she said while fighting back sobs.

Batwoman hugged her transformed butler and frowned, "We need to stop this now, Robin. It seems to be slowly affecting everyone we're associated with. Take Alfred upstairs while I attempt to contact someone who could help us."

Bruce Wayne pulled off her mask as Robin and Alfred walked upstairs. She walked to a section of the Batcave and grabbed a small device she'd been given by the man called Kang while fighting against Timeripper.

Without another thought to the spreading gender changes, she immersed herself in using the device to contact the very beings she'd fought alongside only months before.


Chapter 3--Hawkman

Katar Hol sighed as she showered after a long night on patrol with her lover Shayera. Even though it had been months since she'd been swapped into Shayera's female body the very act of taking a shower remained one of the things she found alien.

"Brooding again, lover?" Shay asked as he walked into the shower naked. "Listen, peacock, I don't like being a man any more than you like being in my body."

Katar hugged him and grinned, "At least I have you. Without someone to help me with this, I might go mad."

Shay kissed the buxom red-headed woman. It still seemed strange for her to be kissing her own lips, caressing her own soft skin....but it wasn't her body anymore.

Katar noticed the erection Shay was now sporting, "You seem to be ready for another session like last night?"

Shay lifted her into his arms and smirked, "You talk too much, peacock."

Later the two sat looking across from each other, staring at the Justice League communications device that Superman had offered to them. "Are we really ready to join the JLA in these bodies?" Shay asked while indicating their new forms.

Katar set her lips in a hard expression, "Superman and Batman adjusted, and both of them suffer the same fate as I do."

At that moment both of them felt a pain rip through their minds. Katar gritted her teeth and managed to stay upright even as Shay lay moaning on the floor.

"Alien! You will undo the sorcery that changed me into a woman!" a shrill female voice howled, "Otherwise I'll burn out both of your minds!".

Katar growled, "Count Viper! I see it didn't take you long to escape!".

The gorgeous black-haired woman swayed into the room and smirked, "Mental powers have their advantages. This is the fifth body I've taken since leaving your transformed flesh.....and each of those hosts were male until I swapped into their forms....each changed to female....as this one did."

Katar stood unsteadily, "Gender fluxing from the battle with Timeripper."

Count Viper brushed her long black hair aside and snarled, "I don't care how you did this....just change me back into a man!".

"She can't, bitch....and you should really scan your seemingly unconscious opponents," Shay said while slugging the stunned Viper.

Shay looked at the unconscious woman and frowned, "Men shouldn't hit women....but I'm still a woman inside. Besides, Viper isn't a lady."

Katar smirked at that even as she tied up Viper for return to a prison cell. She flew out the window less than five minutes later with her prisoner.


Time Base

Jenna walked into the office of the Time Authority feeling something was very wrong. She'd only been summoned here a few times, the last when her ex-husband Sur had tried to take over reality as the villain Timeripper.

What had made that fiasco even worse for her was that Sur had taken Jenna's body, leaving her trapped in Sur's male form.

But during the final battle with Sur she'd been changed into a woman again, and quite a stunning one as well. Before Sur's meddling her time had been a male-dominated one, now that was altered somewhat...but not as much as Jenna would like. She still received numerous lustful stares as she walked into the office.

"Jenna, you look wonderful," Agent Polpas said while standing.

She smiled at him, "I'm glad it was you that called. I can't deal with most of these idiots, even though I saved time itself they seem to treat me like a novice."

Polpas sighed, "It's about Timeripper that I need to speak with you."

Jenna felt her stomach flutter for a moment. Sur couldn't have lived through the explosion.....she'd seen him die while wearing her body.

The agent frowned, "It seems that a....force....for lack of a better term....seems to be altering those worlds affected by Timeripper. Vast amounts of gender flux seem to be making their way into those worlds, flux apparently released when Timeripper killed herself."

Jenna grimaced, "What are the effects of this gender flux?"

Polpas threw her a pile of holo-crystals, "Here is all the information we could gather. It seems that people who are in close proximity to those transformed by Timeripper are changing gender."

Jenna mused, "A nuisance--but why call me? These are alternate dimensions...and I couldn't fight Sur's gender flux when he was alive."

Polpas sat down and called up a screen, "The problem is far larger than you believe. It seems that each of these worlds are drawing closer somehow to the main timestream. The gender flux will soon begin infecting beings who never even met Timeripper. At the moment alternate timelines around it are being affected, the gender flux seems to transform only a few in the Timeripper reality then it flows onwards."

Jenna looked up in alarm, "Then those who were affected in one reality....," she started.

Polpas finished, "Will be affected in ALL realities. Imagine Superman, Batman, all of the heroes our world is based upon being altered. Reality itself will become something completely different."

Jenna stood and touched a pad on her arm. Her time armor surrounded her in moments and she looked at the holo-crystals for a moment. "I'm going to see what can be done. Wish me luck," she said while disappearing into the timestream.

Polpas sighed, "You'll need it."



Kang stood watching his city with a grin. It seemed so long ago when he'd abandoned this place to battle the Avengers time after time.

"Kang?" a lovely female voice called from the bedroom, "Where are you?"

The man nearly all timestreams knew as Kang the Conqueror turned with a smile, "In the front room Raa....just watching over my city."

A gorgeous woman swayed into the room covered only by a sheet she'd wrapped around herself. She walked to him and hugged him warmly. "You seemed quiet last night.....is something troubling you?" she asked while looking up into his face.

Kang kissed her and then touched her belly, "Just thinking of you....the child growing within you. I only hope that I can be the father to her that I never had."

"For a man who can travel in time as if it were water you fear the future far too much," Raa teased.

At that moment a transmission came in. Kang touched the communication unit and frowned when a woman appeared upon it wearing Gorpad's robes. "What jest is this?" he asked.

"My lord!" the blonde woman screamed, "Something had happened! Many of the male inhabitants of Chronopolis seem to have become female!"

The master of time turned and touched another device then frowned, "Gender flux energy is bombarding the city at undreamed of levels! But....but Timeripper is dead!"

Kang's armor appeared on him a moment before a gender flux would have transformed him. Instead it washed off his shields. A figure blurred into view before him, one he knew well.

"Traveller!" Kang snapped, "What is the meaning of this!?"

"Call me Jenna, time lord. I assume you've felt a gender flux in this era?" she asked while looking at her sensors.

Kang nodded, "Indeed. But I thought Timeripper was gone. And.....well....Chronopolis should never be affected! No alternate timelines are born within the city....I took care of that long ago. Timeripper's gender flux should never have arrived here."

Jenna sighed, "It seems my husband was mocking us when he killed himself. He used himself....my body....as a reality bomb that will affect even the main timestreams soon enough."

Kang frowned as he examined the timelines of Timeripper's rampage, mostly twentieth century Earth. Indeed the gender flux was moving outwards from the infected timeline.

"Any idea how to stop it?" Kang asked while turning to look at her.

Jenna lowered her head, "Only one at present. To pull that gender flux back to one timeline....but it would change everyone on those worlds. We need to find another way."

At that moment a transmission came onto Kang's screen. A female Batman was looking at them.

"Kang...if this transmission reaches you meet me where you recruited me in Gotham. Something is happening to everyone around me," Batwoman said before the message ended.

Kang mused, "We'll go to meet with her. Maybe it might help to be in that realm to study the gender flux."

Raa grabbed his arm. "I'm going as well."

He frowned while turning to face her. "No. You're pregnant, love. I won't bring our baby into this. Chronopolis will be shielded from this from now on."

Jenna and Kang were gone moments later, leaving Raa to hope her short time with Kang was not over.


An alternate Gotham City

Bruce Wayne stood looking at himself as he tried on his tuxedo. He hated these charity functions, but even Green Lantern had to take the night off sometimes to live as Bruce.

He smirked at the green ring on his finger. He remembered the day over a decade ago when the alien Abin Sur had given the ring to him to take his place as Green Lantern of Earth. Many menaces had tried to destroy Gotham City in that time, from Sinestro to more human villains like the Joker and Penguin.

"Dick?" he called out the door, "Are you ready yet?"

Dick Grayson walked in wearing his own tux, "I'd prefer to be on patrol as Batman tonight."

Bruce nodded, "I know. But we have to go tonight, I'm donating a million dollars to fight cancer."

Suddenly everything seemed to blur around the two heroes for a moment, as if a wave of energy was smashing into them. Bruce's power ring protected him automatically with a green bubble of energy....Dick wasn't so lucky.

A huge-breasted woman stood where Dick had been, her enormous breasts having popped the buttons off her dress shirt.

"Dick!?" Bruce said in wonder.

Batwoman stood watching the streets of Gotham City as she waited for her guests to arrive. For once the criminals seemed to be holed up for the night, or perhaps they were also suffering from the gender change that had hit the Riddler the night before. She had left Alfred with Tim, hoping that the younger girl could help her adjust.

"You called, Bruce?" a woman said while landing behind her.

"You're late, Superman," she said while turning around.

A gorgeous woman stood before her in the Man of Steel's uniform, like Batman she'd been transformed during this entire Timeripper episode.

"I was trying to stop Metallo from trashing downtown Metropolis. He seems to have changed to female form as well and blames me for it."

Batwoman nodded, "Same thing is happening here. I think Traveller might be able to answer some of our questions, she'll be here with Kang in a moment."

Even as she said that Kang and Traveller appeared in a flash of light that made them blink.

"How bad is it in this reality?" Traveller asked while looking around.

Batwoman frowned, "I've heard reports of at least twenty other gender changes well after this whole Timeripper business. Something seems to be targeting male villains and heroes."

Superman sighed, "Same in Metropolis, maybe five percent of the heroes and villains are women now."

Kang held up a scanner and frowned, "This reality is saturated with gender flux, but it seems to be moving onward towards the main reality at an alarming rate. We'll need to stop it in these alternate worlds."

Traveller frowned, "How do we stop energy? I assume you have an invention that can accomplish this?"

Kang nodded, "I'd planned to use it to siphon Timeripper's powers, it should contain the rampant energy she unleashed."

Traveller turned to Superman and Batwoman and grimaced, "We can't go with you...there are hundreds of affected timelines and we'll need to gather more allies. Each of you must work together to stop this. Take Kang's chronal teleporter and one of the containment units. When you've found the gender flux wave, the teleporter's control will start pinging madly. It will also send out a signal that will bring us to your alternate timeline, no matter which one it is."

Batwoman touched the teleporter button a moment later and blinked outalongside Superman.


Alternate DC Earth, Gotham City

Bruce Wayne could only stare at the huge-breasted woman that had been a male Dick Grayson moments before. His power ring, that he wore as Green Lantern, had protected him from the change but poor Dick hadn't been quite so lucky.

Even as they both stood in shock a flash of light appeared next to them and two buxom women appeared, one in a female Batman uniform and the other dressed as Superman....but with a very female form within.

Bruce's ring contained them in a green energy bubble even as he snarled, "Okay. I don't know who you are or what this is about but change Dick back now."

Superman smashed a fist through their emerald bubble and turned to Batwoman, "He's wearing Green Lantern's ring."

"Bruce Wayne, I'm well...another version of you," Batwoman said while looking at the man before her.

It made her remember the loss she felt about her old form now that she was staring at a version of the man she'd once been.

This realm's Bruce snorted, "I've never been a gorgeous woman my dear, nor was I ever Batman.....that is Dick's uniform."

Batwoman turned to Superman, "He'll need proof it seems, and we could use an ally." She tapped a button and a stunned Green Lantern disappeared with the women he assumed to be masquerading as Batman and Superman.

"Bruce?" the huge-breasted woman that Dick Grayson now was whispered in wonder.


Another DC Earth--Gotham City

Bruce Wayne smiled as his family sat around the room. He'd never felt better in his life than now. His wife Selina, once the villainess Catgirl, smiled as she cuddled up against him. He'd given up being Batboy years ago and his gorgeous partner Robin was the only super-hero now in the family.

Danielle Grayson smiled at her ex-partner even as her husband Tim Drake sat down next to her. Tim patted her very pregnant belly and smiled. Their maid Alice walked in at that time, her gorgeous body making even a devoted family man like Bruce look up with a smirk.

At that moment a warp in space seemed to open before them.

Despite the fact that they'd been retired for years Bruce and Selina were up and ready to fight in a moment alongside Tim. Only Danielle stayed back for fear of her baby being injured in a brawl.

All of them stopped cold when they saw who was coming out of the teleport effect. Two impossibly sexy women, one in Superboy's uniform and the other wearing a female version of Bruce's old Batboy uniform. Finally a man they knew well, Green Lantern...only he seemed different. There was something about him that seemed very familiar to Bruce.

"Now I assume you believe us about alternate worlds?" Superman said while turning to look at the stunned Lantern.

Green Lantern could only stare in wonder at the pregnant woman that he could see to be a female Dick Grayson, and even his own Bruce Wayne doppleganger seemed different...younger.

"What do you need of me?" he asked as they teleported away leaving the stunned dinner party behind.



Lobo sighed as she watched her own former male form...from an alternate timeline she knew...pound on yet another bounty hunter who seemed to want his head. She knew this attitude all too well, after all she'd once been the male Lobo until being transformed into a female and left powerless in the 1940's on Earth.

She still shivered at those times. Until Traveller had come and taken her away she'd been raped repeatedly, leaving her an emotional wreck. It still surprised her how gentle Lobo had been with her in those first days. She'd told him everything about what had happened, including the rapes. The gruff persona she knew seemed to waver slightly, especially since it was something that could have happened to him.

"You okay, babe?" male Lobo asked while turning to her.

She nodded, "Yeah....just feeling a little weird."

The male form snorted, "I bet! Listen why don't we go to Resius...a little vacation for the two of us."

She smirked at that. Resius was a sex planet that she'd visited many times as a man. Her relationship with this him was complex to say the least--but they'd become lovers not long ago. After all she knew everything that he liked in a woman.

Suddenly the male form before her seemed to waver as some unseen force began to transform it. Before she could do anything the force lifted leaving a female Lobo that was her identical twin.

"What the frag!?" the new female gasped while touching her huge breasts, "Loba! What the hell did this to me!?"

She looked around for some sign of an attack but saw nothing. When Timeripper had affected her own timeline earlier there was little she could do given that she didn't know about the situation until much later. Now, she had something that might help.

She pulled the crystal that Traveller had given her after she'd left her with Lobo. The woman had said to contact her if anything else happened.

She touched it and was stunned to see the Traveller appear alongside a man in purple and green armor.

"I'll kill you for this!" the newly female Lobo snarled while attacking the new arrivals.

Kang hadn't expected an attack upon their arrival, something had dragged them to this timeline it seemed And now a gorgeous white-skinned woman with truly enormous breasts charged him. His scans indicated that unlike the Lobo that the Traveller had told him of, this woman still possessed massive super-strength. His shield stopped her blow but the force of the woman's blows would eventually cave in his force-field.

The original female Lobo grabbed her lover and now twin, "Lobo! Stop it! These are our allies."

The new woman turned to her and finally unclenched her fists, "So change me back into a guy."

Traveller peered at the new woman for a moment, allowing her senses to examine the gender flux residing within her. Unlike Sur's direct power, this flux seemed raw....almost like a.....diversion.

"Oh my God," she said in realization.

Kang frowned, "What?"

She turned to the timelord and appeared shaken, "This.....this....I think all of this is a diversion to keep us from noticing something. While we traipse along reversing these minor changes the main timeline will be unprotected."

Kang's eyes widened, "Timeripper's doing?"

Jenna nodded as she fought her own horror. Sur was still alive...she was certain of that now. The so-called reality bomb had been a ruse. A weak gender flux that swarmed over the various timelines would draw her attention. Leaving Sur free to pursue his true agenda....changing the mainstream future.

"Sur....Timeripper said that she wanted to punish the heroes for what happened to her. She wanted to change the future itself but her gender fluxes only affected the timelines that she diverged. I think she stole something from your realm Kang, something that would allow her to stop the creation of divergent timelines. She plans to change the world you and I call the past," Jenna said in shock.

"Excuse me!" the newly female Lobo called, "I'd like my johnson back!!"

Jenna waved a hand and the small gender flux on Lobo was moved to the original female Lobo. It wouldn't affect her much, maybe enlarge her boobs a little more. But it did change this timeline's Lobo back into a man.

Before either Lobo could say anything, the pair was gone in a flash.


Gotham City--DC Earth

Superman and Batwoman stood alongside Hawkman and Hawkwoman as well as the Green Lantern of the alternate world. All of them listened to Traveller's tale with a mix of horror and awe.

"So what is the plan?" Superman asked.

Traveller mused, "Kang knows 20th century Earth far better than I. He will lead you five and a few more allies in a search for Timeripper. I will return to the timestream and continue battling the reality bomb she planted to divert us. I'll send more allies to you as I visit each realm."

"Can we stop her this time?" Superman asked with a frown, "She nearly took all of us out before."

Kang snorted, "She had help from Diabolique. That won't happen again. Now come."

The five heroes disappeared with the timelord leaving Jenna to wonder if she could deal with Sur again.


Mainstream Earth--DC

Batman frowned as he looked over the ruins of his city. Gotham was a wasteland now ruled by scum of every sort. Nearly all of the population had been evacuated after the earthquakes, leaving only the slime. He suddenly felt something, as if someone were watching him from behind.

He rolled to the side even as a beam of energy hit the spot where he'd been. He fired a batarang only to see it go through his attacker. A beautiful blonde woman stood facing him with a wicked grin on her face. She wore some kind of armor and was aiming at him again even as he tensed to move.

A loud crack sounded as someone smashed a wooden board over the woman's head. Batman noticed that her intangibility only seemed to work when she could see a threat. Now the woman feel to her knees in agony even as her attacker smashed her again, this time knocking her to the ground.

"Hello Bats!" the Joker laughed while rearing back to finish the woman off.

Batman started towards them only to see the armor clad woman generate some kind of energy field around herself and the Joker.

When the field lifted, Batman was already watching from a rooftop some distance away. He had deduced that the woman had known the Joker would attack and used it as bait to draw him close.

Timeripper groaned as she touched her head. The Joker had been more savage than she'd expected but the clown prince had suffered for his betrayal of her.

"What did you do to me!?" a teenage girl wearing the Joker's clothing gasped.

Timeripper snorted, "You planned to kill me, Joker. That wasn't in our plan. Now you'll suffer the penalty. Find Batman for me and I might take away the nymphomania I've forced upon you."

The Joker caressed her abundant breasts in glee, "Penalty? You're talking to the king....guess now that's queen...of insanity! This is the ultimate insane trip!"

Timeripper groaned. She should have known better than to ally herself with the Joker but after her defeat at Jenna's hands she was working on much-reduced power. She retained some time-based power but only some, and her gender flux power had to be used in close proximity to her target. Now, she was watching a teenage, female Joker stripping in front of her, obviously enjoying her new form.

She used her waning powers to change her clothes into a sweater and jeans then walked off. She'd have to find Batman on her own it seemed.


Batman watched all of this with a frown. The woman had some kind of time-shifting power as well as a gender-alteration ability. She'd transformed the Joker in seconds and could likely do the same to him.

He pulled his Justice League communicator, "Superman, this is Batman. Assemble the team at the Watchtower, I'll inform you once everyone is there." With that he teleported away via the tubes on the Watchtower, set upon Earth's moon.

If he'd stayed a few minutes longer he'd have seen a female Batman, a female Superman, a Green Lantern and Hawkman and Hawkwoman appear alongside a man in purple and green armor.

JLA Watchtower---the Moon (Mainstream DC Earth)

Batman looked around at the JLA members present and spoke, "I was attacked this morning by a woman possessed of some form of time and gender-based power. She teleported, turned intangible...likely using some method of time-displacement, used mind control to some extent....and turned the Joker into a teenage girl."

All of them looked at him with an expression of wonder for a moment. They'd never run across anyone who used their power in such a manner.

Hourman frowned, "I can sense only some sort of temporal interference over the entire area around Gotham. She seems to be keeping herself hidden quite well."

"Perhaps she is a vigilante? I mean she did transform the Joker," Flash responded.

Batman frowned, "No. She fired on me first. She only changed the Joker when he became a nuisance. For some bizarre reason, she wanted to turn me into a woman."

"Yuck....Batwoman....naw you'd be way too severe looking for me to date," Flash said with a chuckle.

Orion growled, "Losing something like one's manhood is no joke, Flash. I for one would rather die."

Big Barda slammed her fist into his face from next to him. She snapped, "Women are not some alien race, we're people as much as men."

Superman nodded, "Indeed. But we should begin looking for this woman before she decides to come looking for us again."

Batman nodded and walked back towards the teleported, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was happening in Gotham while he was away...something bad.


Gotham City

Robin was fighting a group of street thugs working for the Penguin and losing when a shapely woman in purple leaped onto one of the men.

"Catwoman?" he said in wonder. While the former criminal and Batman were sometimes close she'd rarely come to his aid.

She turned after kicking another man in the groin, "Four to one are bad odds when Batman's not here kid. You're not supposed to be here."

Robin frowned, "Batman sent you to look out for me."

The buxom woman grinned, "You couldn't ask for a better-looking protector kid. He did tell me to watch for you while he attended some Justice League meeting."

"How touching," a woman said while appearing before them.

Catwoman tensed as she glared at the blonde. The woman was even more buxom than herself and yet radiated power like a shield. "Get out of here Robin," she whispered while advancing.

Timeripper turned intangible as Catwoman leaped through her. She then grabbed the stunned woman and used her time powers. Catwoman felt herself shrinking smaller, not only in size but also in age! Her abundant breasts dwindled until she had no chest! And her uniform hung on her now tiny frame as if she were a little girl playing dress up. She fell onto her butt when the woman released her and gasped at her new form. She was a kid...maybe ten years old!

Robin lashed out with his staff but the blonde was prepared and teleported before he could hit her. She appeared behind him and grabbed him before he could even react. Energy seemed to roll through him and he screamed in agony before she released him.

"Tell Batman I'm looking for him," Timeripper sneered before teleporting away.

"Robin?" Catwoman said while standing and walking to where the boy had fallen. His back was to her and she stopped as she got closer, "Oh no," she groaned.

Even from the back she could see that Robin wasn't a boy anymore. The very round, feminine ass she found herself looking at confirmed it as did the long black hair.

Robin sat up with a groan and merely looked at his adult female form for a moment. He saw the girl that Catwoman now was and sighed, "She turned me into a woman."

Catwoman nodded, "I can see that...you seem much calmer than I would expect."

Robin stood wobbily, "Batman always taught me to remain calm in any situation....I'm barely managing to do it this time."

Catwoman frowned at her own much younger form, "I'm in the same boat kid, she turned me into a child!"

Robin walked slowly alongside Catwoman towards one of Selina's few remaining safe houses. They would have to contact Batman to inform him of what was happening.


Nightwing perched on the edge of a small building in what had been downtown Gotham City. Under the mask, Dick Grayson was picturing what this area had once looked like, the wonder he'd felt when he'd first seen it alongside Batman over a decade ago. But like himself, Gotham had changed. He'd once been Robin but had laid aside that mantle to start his own, Nightwing. It was a way to become his own man, not to always be under Batman's watchful eye. And in the years since he'd become Nightwing he had indeed earned his own name. He was currently leading the Titans again, by far the most powerful version of the team that he'd founded as the Teen Titans years ago. But whenever Batman needed him he journeyed back here, he owed Bruce far more than he could ever repay.

He felt something at that moment, as if someone were teleporting behind him! He rolled to the side just as a beam of energy hit the spot he'd been at moments before.

"Elusive, just like your mentor," the mystery woman chuckled.

Nightwing looked at her, a very tall blonde woman...quite beautiful and voluptuous, but also with an air of danger that he could almost sense. This woman was not someone to trifle with.

She fired again only to see him leap above the blast. Another blast he twisted to avoid in mid-air and then leaped towards her. She phased in time enough to have Nightwing pass through her and then turned to transform him...but he wasn't there!

She twisted her head just in time to have a kick from her target nearly take her head off. She fell heavily and growled while slowing standing. When she stood Nightwing was gone without a trace.

Timeripper slammed her hands together in rage. First Batman and now his former pupil, this was becoming a nuisance. She teleported away in defeat wanting only to find another city, another hero, to transform.


Marvel Earth

Jenna appeared in the dimension she'd last left Wanda Langkowski in and looked around. There seemed to be nobody in this home at the moment. "Traveller!" she heard Wanda yell from above.

She turned to see a buxom white-haired woman she knew as Wanda, formerly Walter, Langkowski.

"Wanda. I've come to help you with any strange occurrences," she said while smiling.

Wanda smirked, "You mean like my whole team turning into women?"

Jenna nodded, "Timeripper seems to have survived. This gender flux washing over various dimensions seems to be a diversion so that she can attack the mainstream timeline, changing all of your counterparts into women, as well."

Heather Hudson flew into the room at that moment in her Vindicator uniform. She landed and shook hands with Traveller then sighed. "Is there any method you can use to transform my teammates back? Only Puck seems to be adjusting to being a woman well, Madison is a mess and Northstar seems to be losing her mind," she frowned.

Jenna watched the altered Alpha Flight walk into the room and frowned at the sheer amount of gender flux they'd been exposed to. Only Wanda had been changed by Timeripper and was therefore unchangeable to her, but she had to funnel the flux somewhere to allow these men to change back.

Puck seemed to sense her trouble and smiled, "I'll stay like this. I have no desire to go back to being a dwarf for the rest of my life."

She nodded and then turned to Wanda, "Wanda....the only way I can change them back is to funnel the flux that turned them female into someone."

Wanda Langkowski frowned, "Like me, who is already home to such energy. What effects will it have on me?"

Jenna sighed, "With this much flux....your breasts will swell to about twice their present volume, you'll probably have wider hips, tinier waist. I won't lie--you might end up looking like someone's sexual fantasy."

Wanda sighed, "Do it."

Madison Jeffries and Northstar both changed back into men as Jenna relocated the gender flux into Wanda. As she'd feared, Wanda's already sizeable breasts expanded to nearly double their previous size. The impossibly sexy white-haired woman before her looked down at herself with a frown.

"I'm sorry, Wanda," Jenna said softly, "But I do have something that might interest you. How would you like to get your hands on Timeripper again?"

Wanda changed into her massive Sasquatch form and snarled, "Do it."

She touched Sasquatch and teleported her to the mainstream Earth where Kang and his band currently were. Then she turned to Alpha Flight. "I must be going, other dimensions have similar effects occuring. Wanda is in another dimension battling the woman responsible for all of this. If we win, I'll return her to you....if not.....you'll know when Timeripper turns your entire world into women," Jenna said while teleporting away.


Mainstream DC Earth--Metropolis

Lex Luthor smiled as the gorgeous blonde walked into his office. She was perhaps eighteen and yet moved with the grace of a woman double her years. She sat across from him and smiled.

"What can I help you with Miss Napier?" he said with a grin.

She tossed him a coat she'd been carrying, a purple coat he'd seen before....the Joker's?

Luthor started to stand until she pulled off the mask and wig she'd been wearing. He stopped in shock when he saw who this voluptuous girl really was.

"Hi Lexy...what do you think of the new me?" she laughed insanely.

"Joker? But....how?" Luthor managed to gasp while indicating the female form before him.

"That is why I'm here Double L. This blonde woman was in Gotham trying to hit Bats with some kind of energy beam. Well nobody kills Batbore but me, so I nailed her with a board in the back of the head. She zapped me into the delectable little babe you see and a nympho to boot," Joker chuckled.

Luthor's eyebrows raised, "You don't mean...."

Joker laughed again, "Oh yes Lexy! I'm a hot little thing for any guy! But I'm already nuts so being a woman, and screwing guys, well it's no less insane than my normal mind!"

Lex sat down again, "This woman is why you've come to me, I assume?"

Joker sat down on his desk and unbuttoned her dress shirt so that her cleavage was revealed, "You got it Lex, if we could control her power...well you could turn Superstud into a gorgeous babe totally devoted to you...interested yet?"

Luthor smiled at the thought of Superman transformed into a subservient female who would fulfill his every command. "Indeed. Tell me more," Luthor said with an evil grin.


Gotham City

Batman reappeared in the coordinates Catwoman had sent to him. She claimed that the woman who'd jumped him earlier had transformed Robin and herself.

Superman used his x-ray vision to scan for any ambush and finally turned to Batman, "Clear except for a pair of people in the next room, from their size one of them must Catwoman."

Batman walked into the room and frowned at the buxom black-haired woman in Robin's uniform...and at the ten-year old girl in Catwoman's uniform. "What happened here?" he asked firmly.

Robin sighed, "I came back to help and was fighting some of Penguin's goons when Catwoman came to help me. After we beat them this woman appeared. She turned Catwoman into a kid and me into...a woman."

Catwoman nodded, "She said she was looking for you."

"She was," someone said from behind them.

"I was wondering when you'd show yourself, Nightwing," Batman said without turning around.

Even Superman was stunned by how Nightwing had hidden from them, his super senses hadn't even detected the young man earlier.

"Batman, Superman," Nightwing said with a nod to each, "I had a run-in with this woman. She tried to hit me with some energy beam. I clocked her with a spinning back kick and then escaped after she used some time-phasing trick."

Superman opened his senses to their fullest extent and frowned, "Nothing. She's not within the city."

Batman frowned and pulled his JLA communicator, "J'onn?"

"I sense no mind such as this woman you speak of," the Martian Manhunter returned.

Batman mused for a moment. The entire JLA was overhead, other than the Flash, who was racing through the streets of Gotham at the moment.

"Wally?" he asked into the device again.

"Nothing, Batman," came the reply, "And I've checked the town five times."

Hourman appeared before them at that moment, "Batman I sense a temporal disturbance not far from where I earlier sensed this woman's power. I would wager she teleported out of Gotham."

"But to where?" Superman said with a frown.

"New York," Batman said firmly, "It has the largest collection of heroes close. She wouldn't go all the way to Central City or Metropolis yet."

Robin walked forward, "What about us?"

Hourman used his time vision on Catwoman and the girl grew older until she was once again the buxom woman she'd once been.

"Take Robin to the Watchtower. Barda is on site, try to help him adjust as much as possible," Batman said without flinching.

Nightwing walked up to the female Robin, "Don't worry about it Tim, we'll find a way to restore you. Consider this a way to get up close with a beautiful woman."

Robin smirked, "Real close. Thanks Dick," she said with a chuckle.

Catwoman and Robin disappeared at that moment, teleported to the Watchtower on the moon. Moments later the JLA was on the way to New York with nearly all of their members present.

Behind them in Gotham, Kang watched them go. Keeping his team secret from the android Hourman had been an adventure but a temporal pocket that shifted time seemed to confuse even that being.

"Why didn't we show ourselves to them?" Superman asked. She would have liked to speak to her counterpart in this time.

Batwoman sighed, "We can't. They might assume we were the enemy. We need to find Timeripper quickly before she transforms them."

Kang nodded, "From my current readings, the reason Timeripper came here is this. She can focus her power on one of us in this mainstream timeline and use it as a way to transform all of our dimensional counterparts. And since we know her power grows from each gender flux....imagine the jump she will receive in power."

Hawkwoman frowned, "But she changed the Robin of this world....why isn't she already at that level?"

Kang frowned, "She wasn't powerful enough yet to transform all the Robin's with him. That flux did increase her power though.....and I fear now she is capable of such feats."

Superman shook her head, "My God! Imagine thousands....millions of people....changing. The flux would be immense...she'd become a god!"

At that moment Wanda Langkowski appeared, "Traveller sent me to help you guys."

Kang nodded, "We could use the raw power. But I fear I must contact Traveller, if Timeripper wins in this timeline none of your own worlds can be saved."

He sent a pulse of temporal energy into the timestream and sighed, it could be minutes or hours before Jenna sensed it and came to this world....and that was time he didn't have.


To be continued--in Reality Bomb part 4

 --Timeripper in New York, with the JLA and Kang's forces on her tail.....and Luthor and the Joker make their move.....

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