Wonderous Woman

a "No More Fakes" story

by Eddie Glover

I frowned as my date Cindy brought my costume in for the party at the Raucous Chicken tonight.

"I hope you don't expect me to wear THAT!" I snapped in irritation.

She held the Wonder Woman costume up with a grin and chuckled, "It's all they had Bill!" she was trying hard not to laugh hysterically.

"I am NOT going dressed in drag! I may like transformations but I don't crossdress!" I growled.

"It's Halloween! Who's going to care!" she said with a wicked grin.

"Okay, what are you going as, then?" I asked.

"This," she said while holding up a gorilla costume.

"Oh that's great. How about I go as the gorilla?" I asked.

Just then the gorilla costume had a bunch of moths fly out, and Cindy threw it down, looking at how deteriorated it was from the inside.

"I'm glad I decided to prepare for something like this!" she laughed while pulling another box out. It was a HUGE pair of padded breasts, and a stripper outfit.

"And who are you supposed to be!" I asked with a smirk.

"A vampire stripper!" she chuckled. "Now let's make you presentable!" she said in glee.

She forced me into a painful corset to make my waist thinner, put a padded bra on me, tucked my penis in between my legs, and then....shaved the hair from my body. I frowned after she'd put me into the costume, lipstick and all. The long-haired wig made me look passable as an amazon…after all, I AM six feet tall! Now I knew why Cindy had made me lose forty pounds this year.

"I weigh a LOT more than Wonder Woman, I look ridiculous!" I growled.

"Not really lover," she mused. "That corset took your waist down to a twenty four or so, the padded bra gives you DD boobs, and the padded rear gives you a female butt. Now that we've shaved you down you look decent like that, although I doubt anyone will see you as a real woman," she sighed in disappointment.

"Thank God for that!" I gasped in relief.

She put some flesh covered arm gloves and leg stockings on me then stuck a small hose into it and pumped them all until they had squezed my flesh down to smaller size, the pain in my arms and legs was intense and I frowned, "This hurts Cindy! I thought the whole point was fun, not pain!"

She kissed my red lips and laughed. "You look better like that honey, instant liposuction!" she seemed intent on making me miserable.


We drove to the party, or Cindy did, I couldn't do much with my body literally squeezed into the shape Cindy wanted. I just wanted to get home and get this crap off!!

We walked in and I realized that I didn't need to worry about my costume, there were some really weird ones, and there were other men in female costumes.

I saw a guy dressed in a nameless superhero outfit, a blonde in a Supergirl costume...although I thought she might be a guy...THAT was a good costume! A guy dressed as a gypsy woman, and a guy wearing a Mantra outfit.

"See!" Cindy chuckled, "Now let's dance!" she whooped.

I saw a blonde in a tiny dress, her overexaggerated curves nearly spilling out of the dress. Cindy grinned while looking at her own padded chest, she was just a little smaller than this Kandi Kane in bust size.

"I'm glad somebody else wore a padded boob set!" Cindy giggled while looking at the blonde sexpot.

"Well she's not wearing vampire teeth...is she!" I chuckled.

Just then I heard an argument start and I turned just as a man screamed, "I'm tired of all you fakes!"

I nearly fell to my knees a moment later as a strange sensation overtook me. From the way that Cindy staggered before me I could see that she felt it, too.

I felt strange, powerful...then I noticed the large nipples poking through Cindy's dress. She followed my gaze and touched her breasts...then her jaw fell, I could tell she'd felt a real breast! Then she looked up at me and gasped, "Bill!!" she seemed stunned.

"What!" I asked, then realized that my voice had changed into the feminine pitch I'd been using all night!

I saw Cindy pull her dress down and two enormous breasts flopped out, totally real! She reached up and touched the inch-long fangs that now extended from her teeth in shock.

I realized that something she'd seen about me had made me check her own body. I pulled down the front of my Wonder Woman costume and could only stare in shock at two DD-cup breasts spilling out. Then I saw my hands, still red-nailed and with the bracelets that Wonder Woman wore....and my hands...they looked like a woman's!

"Bill...is IT gone!" she asked while pointing at my groin.

I gulped in dismay, I hadn't thought of this being THAT bad yet. I pulled the blue shorts down over suddenly smooth thighs and just gaped....I had a vagina!

"Jesus Christ!" I gasped in my new voice.

Then I noticed that Cindy was staring at the woman who'd dressed as a princess, and she seemed to be licking her lips.

"Your blood will taste sweet, my dear!" she laughed while grabbing the woman.

"NO!" the woman screamed as Cindy opened her mouth, revealing her fangs. I started towards them, hating the jiggle of my breasts even after I'd readjusted my clothes. I wasn't going to make it...if only I could run faster!

I suddenly was as quick as Mercury, the mythical god of speed, and I grabbed the woman away from Cindy.

"Bill! You idiot!" she snapped. She slapped me and I backed up a step but remained upright. She hissed and leaped at me but I caught her arms and held tight.

"Impossible!" she screamed, "Nobody can be so strong!"

Just as I prepared to leave with her, a centaur accidentally slammed into me from behind, making me release my grip on Cindy's vampire form.

I saw her.....fly. She hovered into the air until a man grabbed her foot and pulled her down, a cop from the looks of him...then I realized he was a partygoer acting like a cop.

She grabbed the man and threw him aside like nothing, his stunned body slamming into the wall.

"Cindy!" I screamed in rage. "'Bye lover!" she laughed before flying off into the night.

"NOOO!" I screamed. What was happening!? I had just seen my girlfriend fly off...like the vampire she was dressed as. I looked around and saw the others for the first time, they were all transformed....into whatever they had been wearing as a costume.

I saw the buxom Supergirl, now as female as any woman....as female as me...and made my way to her, through the crowd...only to see her carry a good-looking witch off. I had been hoping to speak to her....him...whatever! She was the only one that might have an idea of our change, and if I remembered my comic characters correctly she would be as powerful as me now. Wait a minute, what was I saying.....was I really Wonder Woman now!?

I looked down and gasped at the rope on my shapely hip. It had been just a cheaply painted thing...now it glowed golden....the Lasso of Truth!? It was suppossed to be unbreakable, and made people tell the truth or do as Wonder Woman...I...said.

I noticed that police cars were pulling up out front and I moved to the back, I wanted no part of people poking and prodding this body, besides if I did have Wonder Woman's powers then maybe I could help find a reversal.

I threw a punch at the wall, hoping I didn't shatter my fist in the process. Something did indeed shatter....but it was the bricks that made up the wall! A huge hole now gaped before me and I looked at my fist in shock....just how strong WAS I now!?

I stepped outside, feeling the chilly night air on my skin....and feeling my nipples stiffen beneath the material of my costume. I felt light and realized with a start that I was floating! I looked down in shock and almost screamed....I couldn't be flying!

As soon as I thought that I crashed hard to the ground, my tiara bouncing off as I fell on my ass. Thankfully, it was much better padded than before and I seemed hard to hurt now.

"Hello there!" a man said with a sneer as he walked towards me in the alley…I hadn't taken this into account...the back of this place had a long, dark alley behind it. "What's a sweet thing like you doing out here?"

"Leave me alone," I said firmly. But despite the fact that I was transformed into what I was I still backed up in fear....here was a man looking at me like meat. If I'd had any doubts about how gorgeous I now looked they had just been dispelled.

He reached to touch my full breasts but I caught his wrist and squeezed.

"AHHHHH!" he screamed as I pulverized the bones in his wrist.

I grabbed his shirt and picked him up then tossed him about two hundred feet into a pile of trash with a snarl of rage. I walked down the alley, glad that I'd worn the red boots without the heels that the TV Wonder Woman had worn.

"How's it feel, shithead!" I snapped while leaning over him.

He whimpered while holding his bleeding, ruined wrist then sobbed, "What are you!?"

I grabbed the lasso from my hip and twirled it around him, then commanded him to stand on one foot. To my surprise he did! The lasso was now magical....like me! "Okay scumbag, you're going to go out front and turn yourself into the police...am I understood?" I asked.

"Yes," he said in a trance.

I pulled it off and wound it tight then place it back on my hip. I watched him leave with a smirk...then I saw a broken window by the trash pile. I knelt down and gasped at the beautiful, tall woman gazing back at me. I had very large breasts now and a figure almost exactly like Wonder Woman. Then my mind turned to Cindy....if I had all the powers of Wonder Woman then she likely had all the powers of a vampire...and the bloodlust.

 I looked up at the moon in the sky...it would be dawn soon…I wondered what would happen to her...would she die like a true vampire....no--she was still alive. I allowed myself to fly into the air, enjoying the sensation of flight the sheer freedom of being up here where humans could not go alone. As I flew towards my apartment I wondered about a reversal....would I really want to give this power up? I liked being a man and really didn't want to be a buxom amazon forever....but like this I had powers beyond anything I'd ever imagined.

I looked around after I'd flown into my open apartment window. Then I heard something behind me and turned.

"Hello lover, glad to see me!" Cindy chuckled while baring her fangs.


I grunted in pain as she slammed me through the brick wall of my apartment. We struggled the whole way down, smashing into a car's roof still locked in battle.

"AHHGG!" I screamed in pain as we hit, apparently I wasn't as strong as the comic book Wonder Woman, that had only been a few stories that we'd fallen.

"Did that hurt, baby?!" Cindy laughed, "I'm glad you took the brunt of the fall!"

She grabbed my neck and opened her mouth wide, preparing to bite me. "NO!" I screamed while throwing her off.

She stood and then her eyes started to burn into mine, as if she was hypnotizing me. I growled and kept moving, seeing the surprise on her face only made me resist her more.

"Sorry lover, this is for your own good!" I snapped while punching her in the jaw.

"UNNN!" she groaned in pain while hurtling one hundred feet before crashing to the ground.

I heard sirens and realized that the cops would likely arrest us both for our part in this, and I had no idea what would happen to Cindy when the sun rose in less than an hour.

She groaned and wobbily got to her feet, hissing at me in rage. She hurtled herself at me, slamming into my chest with enough force to dent steel. I tumbled head over heels, my now long black hair getting in my face for a moment.

I stood, only to see....nothing. Cindy had fled, apparently deciding that I wasn't easy prey.

"Freeze, lady!" a cop snapped at me.

"I'm not a lady, and I didn't start this!" I growled while indicating the mess.

He saw me gesture and fired. I instinctively pulled up my arm to deflect the bullets with the bracelets I wore, and it pinged off as if the bracelets were invulnerable!

He started to fire again but I wanted no part of trying that again, it had been dumb luck the first time. I ran at super-speed, grabbing his gun before he could fire another shot. I picked him up by his tie and growled, "Now I could throw you into the river across town....but I won't," I said firmly while putting him down.

"Freeze lady, hands off!" another cop snapped, gun also drawn.

The cop looked at me and waved to his partner, "Put it away, Ramirez, she's no threat."

"Thank you," I said with a smile, "I was hoping not to be a fugitive on my second day as a super-heroine."

He sighed, "Let me guess, you're one of the victims of the Raucous Chicken?"

"Yep. The lady I was fighting here was my girlfriend, she's a vampire now," I said with a groan of defeat.

"Ed!" a voice called from above me.

I turned to see...Mantra floating down towards me. She was the very image of the comic sorceress, long dark hair flowing halfway down her back, full breasts, tall and gorgeous. And she wore the armor that the character did.

"Indy!" I asked in astonishment as she landed before us.

"Yeah," she sighed, "After the change I dropped my girlfriend off and went searching for you."

I saw the cop eyeing the woman and grinned, "Officer, this is my friend Indiana Jones, well that's what I know him as anyway. He attended the party as Mantra, and I as Wonder Woman, now we've got their powers," I explained.

"And their bodies," Indy sighed.

"Wait...you said him? You two were guys?!" he was stunned.

I nodded, "Yeah, there were quite a few guys affected like that, I believe there's a Supergirl running around that had been a guy."

Ramirez yelled out, "Hey Jones! We've got a guy, matching the description of.....oh you're gonna love this....of the Silver Surfer!"

"I saw him at the party," Indy said. "He seemed like a jerk then, too."

Jones listened to the dispatch then growled, "If you two ladies are willing....we could use the help," he said.

"Of course," I said while floating off the ground even as Indy/Mantra did the same.

As we flew towards the site of the battle Indy turned to me, "Are you sure about this? We're dealing with some major league power if he's got half the power of the Surfer."

The sun rose as we flew over a devastated city block, cops had cordoned off the area and were trying valiantly to stop the gleaming silver man.

"See ya on the ground!" I yelled while dropping from the sky. I knew this impact would hurt like hell but I figured it would hurt him more.

"Incoming!" one cop screamed as I hurtled faster towards the pseudo-Surfer.

BOOOM! The impact sounded like a bomb being detonated and the Silver man groaned in pain as he rose....but I was so stunned that even getting up was beyond me.

"This should stop you!" Indy snarled while throwing a spell.

The ground swelled into a fist that squeezed the man tight, making him howl in pain. Then a light flashed and he was free.

He started to fire a bolt at Indy floating overhead but a cop fired at that moment. The bullet pinged off his face, doing no damage but stunning him briefly.

"Nobody hurts my lover except me!" Cindy howled from the shadows. She hurtled at the Surfer wannabe only to hit the sunlight and begin screaming.

"Eh?!" the silver man asked.

"Cindy!" I screamed in rage as she fell before him.

I leaped towards them and kicked the moron in the face. I grabbed him and slammed him so hard into the ground that he was nearly unconscious. Satisfied that he was no longer a threat I turned to my girlfriend, hoping that more than a pile of ashes remained.

"Bill!" she gasped at me, "What happened.....and how did I get these boobs!" she gasped at her still huge chest.

I pulled her mouth open and was stunned to see no fangs. "You're normal!" I laughed.

"Normal!!" she snorted, "I've got massive breasts, bigger than your own!" she howled.

"Then you don't remember....any of it!" I was stunned.

"Hey, Wonder Woman!" a cop screamed.

I felt the punch before I saw it. Apparently the "Surfer" decided to sucker-punch me. He nailed me in the back of the head and I fell hard, cracking my forehead in the process.

"You jackass!" Indy growled at the gleaming man. She threw a spell at him and the man fell to all fours in agony.

The powerful man changed into a silver-skinned, gleaming donkey that looked around in confusion, wondering with his addled mind what was happening.

"She's exquisite," I heard a man say as I woke.

I opened my eyes and realized instantly that I was in a hospital, and that both Indy, now looking like Eden Blake, Mantra's alter ego, and Cindy were with me.

I groaned and sat up, wondering whoose voice I'd heard. Then I saw two men speaking in the hall, apparently I possessed the extended senses of Wonder Woman as well, to an extent.

"Give her enough drugs to keep her easily handled, we'll take her into possession tomorrow," a man in a black suit said in a whisper.

"I'm not comfortable with this, she's innocent of any wrongdoing," the doctor mused.

"And powerful. With an army of people like her we can make our enemies bow in submission. We also need to get the sorceress with her. And that silver donkey, we'll have to get it restored. They are too powerful to exist at large," the man said.

I frowned, then realized that Cindy was shaking me, "Bill! Are you okay? You just kind of spaced out!"

"Yeah. You see that guy out in the hall with the doctor, he's planning on drugging me and turning me into some kind of secret weapon for the government I'd guess. Cindy, before it gets dark find someplace that your vampire self can't get out of. Indy, call the press...I've decided that the only way I can get free of them is if the public knows me. Supergirl did something similar, I believe."

"Are you sure Ed!" Indy asked, "There's no turning back then, no personal life."

"I'll find a way. Otherwise I might as well surrender to the government now," I sighed.

Within an hour I was led into a press conference, against the protest of my doctor. I wore the Wonder Woman uniform and faced the cameras.

"Hello. My name is William Edwards. Until last night I was a normal man, doing fine selling stories as a writer. I was caught in the spell at the Raucous Chicken as you might have guessed. This granted me the powers of the comic book heroine Wonder Woman, now I'm faced with a quandary. Should I use these powers to help, or use them for my own benefit? I see the problems in society and know that even superheroes can't slow the crime in our streets, but I am going to try my best. I will be meeting with a transformee lawyer soon to help set up a fund for those less fortunate than I. I may have become a woman in the change, but I also gained superpowers. Some others are trapped in forms that make their lives nearly impossible to continue. I implore all of you not to fear us, we are humans like you....no matter how strange we seem. There will be those who use their powers to rob and steal, even to kill....and that is what I plan to combat. Hopefully, I can get a private investigation service set up with a few other transformees to investigate transformee problems. I will NOT be serving as a government operative, or seek out people for them. I will help any who ask if it is within my power. My reasons for going public are my own....thank you," I said with a smile then flew out the window.

I doubled back through another window and stepped in, I knew the government agent was talking to my doctor again and planned to make my point clear.

"She's made a mess of our plans doctor, if you'd kept her doped up none of this would have happened!" he growled.

"Excuse me," I said while reaching through...and I mean through...the door. I pulled the government man through and then flew outside and high into the air, above prying eyes.

"Now. You are going to tell me who is behind all this!" I snapped.

"Freak!" he snapped while pulling a gun.

It was thrown from his hand by a gust of wind and Indiana floated there, "That wasn't nice," she mocked.

"Are you with the government?!" I growled.

"Wouldn't you like to know!" he laughed.

I grabbed the lasso from my hip and wrapped it around him, "Now you will tell me the truth," I instructed.

"I will....ungg!" he spasmed as a gunshot splattered through his head, barely missing me as it exited.

"Somone wants to keep this quiet awful bad," Indy observed.

"All the more reason to keep digging. Although I think we'll need help," I sighed.


A few hours later I looked at the name of the transformee lawyer I'd been referred to. Her name was Andrea and she would be my best chance, after all she'd been transformed herself. I had swung by the abandoned bank that Cindy was in. She'd locked herself in the time release vault after setting it for the time when the sun would next be up. Her vampire form would be raging inside the vault but wouldn't be able to free herself. For now it would serve, I was glad that Indy had spotted the badly damaged bank after our fight with that crazed Silver Surfer wannabe.

I wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to my meeting with my new lawyer, hoping she wouldn't be freaked by my appearance.


Day 5

I walked out of my meeting with Andrea still amazed at what she looked like. I felt like an idiot for bitching about my own problems when she was suffering far worse. I only hoped that she didn't hate me for my whining about my lost manhood.

I wanted to flag a cab but I was broke. Oh well, it's not like I've got a secret identity of anything. I floated into the air, glorying in the feel of the air as I flew higher. I wondered if I could ever give this up...would I, if given the chance?

The sun shone overhead as I landed at the old office building we'd rented. Actually, Cindy and Indiana had done the paying, I was still flat busted.

"Another letter from Playboy, Bill," Indy said with a grin as I walked in.

"For me or you?" I said with a chuckle.

"You, of course. They've upped their offer to ten thousand dollars," she read with a whistle.

"Why me?!" I asked with a sigh.

"That should be obvious, Bill," Cindy said while walking in. We hugged, although more like sisters than the lovers we were...or had been.

I saw a folder in her hand and asked, "What's all that?"

Cindy opened the manilla folder and tossed the pictures and pages onto the desk. "This is all the information I could get on our fellow transformees. Many have been pictured or given police reports...others, well I guess you could say we've been making contacts."

"Government!" I asked with an arched eyebrow.

Indiana grinned, "We've found a few friends there, they seem determined to undermine the plan to 'harvest' the new powered people...like us." I sat down with a groan, grabbing a picture of a large robot, "Tell me this isn't a Decepticon," I said with a sigh.

"I could, but I'd be lying," Indy chuckled.

"They look just like the characters from that show, don't they?" she questioned.

"Yeah. I assume they're evil," I said while looking at Cindy.

"Without a doubt. It appears they shot the place up after we left that night. They seem to be headed north, and they've already made a menace of themselves," she explained.

I spotted the Supergirl picture and picked it up. "Any word on him yet?" I asked.

"Not much, she's been seen flying about but really hasn't made any intentions clear yet. We really don't even know who she is," Cindy said.

I scanned the other pictures, some of the affected had powers now...one was Superman, a score of Batmen, a Spider-Man, the recently incarcerated Silver Surfer, and many others...some who'd gained magic.

Then I noticed some of the non-humans, like the chicken. Others were chimpanzees, cartoon characters...or worse.

"Any response to the ad in the paper yet?" I asked.

"We didn't place it yet. We figured that you'd want to wait until after you spoke to that lawyer," Indy said while pushing her black hair from her face.

As I frowned, the phone rang and I grabbed it quickly. "Hello," I said in the strange voice I now knew as my own.

"Wonder Woman!" the man on the other end gasped in relief, "Am I glad to get through to you! We've got a major league problem down on the docks. Some strange guy just appeared down here and demanded we all kneel down to him. Then he threw...something...from his fingers, I guess it was magic...and turned two cops into horses!" he seemed scared out of his mind.

I suddenly recognized the voice...it was the cop who'd been at my battle with Cindy! "I'm not sure I can help...that first time out I nearly got killed!" I said with a trace of fear myself.

"Hurry! He's nuts, keeps raving about what we've done to the environment!" he screamed before hanging up.

Cindy and Indy listened to my recap and both frowned, "I don't remember many wizards at the party that we haven't already seen," Indy said.

We left Cindy behind, during the day she was a normal, although impossibly endowed, woman. At night she'd become a vampire but wouldn't be on our side.

I looked over to Indy as we flew towards the docks, we both knew what was ahead...what we might be getting into with this. She wore her revealing Mantra armor and the strange cloak of her character. I only wished she'd had a fake magic sword like Mantra carried.

The scene on the riverfront was pure bedlam as the man stood alone before dozens of animals.

"That must be out friendly wizard," Indy said with a frown...then let her magic wash over the affected.

"What?!" I asked upon seeing her shock.

"The spell, it's so weak. I can break this easily...that's not something I'd expected. I'm probably one of the weaker mages created in the change," she observed.

"So, what are you saying?!" I said in irritation.

She frowned as her power scanned the wizard, who'd yet to see us due to Indy's invisibility spell. "He's NOT from the Raucous Chicken! But...it's almost like somebody gave him power," she said with a frown.

"Drop me behind him and get to work turning those animals back into people," I said firmly. I landed on my feet behind the man and saw him whip around, amazed at my sudden appearance...and apparently by my appearance.

"Sow!" he snapped while pointing at me. I felt pain for a moment then saw my hands changing into pig's feet, my nose seemed to be widening into a snout, and a curly tail had grown from my ass.

"Not…OINK!…fast enough!" I said, my human voice fading as I spoke. I hurled my malformed hand into his jaw, something he clearly had not expected. He went flying through a nearby crate and fell bleeding and unconscious some distance away.

Meanwhile, I continued to change. I fell to all fours and felt myself balloon fatter, my uniform ripping apart as I swelled into a massive sow.

It was night when I was again aware. I realized that I was in the office...and I seemed human again, then with a start I realized that I was naked.

"Don't freak, Bill. I'm a woman too...now," Indy said while turning on the light.

"What happened to me?!" I asked in confusion.

"That man turned you into a sow, his change made you lose all memory of being human. I needed some time to change you back so I brought you here," she explained.

"The cops?" I asked.

"All back to normal. It took some time but like I said earlier, that guy wasn't a mage until just recently," she observed.

"Like you've been one for a long time," I teased with a grin.

"I mean, he's been transformed in the last two days. AFTER the party someone made him capable of animal transformation magic...and that is all. Very specialized," she said while sipping on the beer she'd just magicked up with a snap of her fingers.

"Hey Indy...some clothes?!" I asked while looking at the ruined tatters that had been my Wonder Woman uniform. She gestured and the uniform was back, restored totally.

I heard a loud bang from downstairs and sighed, "How's Cindy doing in her new room?"

"The steel seems to be holding her. She's enraged beyond belief by being closed in. She needs blood and the tiny amounts she gets from my magic aren't appeasing her," Indy mused. "But we've got bigger problems. I taped this from the news earlier...while you were out," she said while popping a tape into the VCR.

She hit play and I saw a pretty anchorwoman appear. "…and police are baffled by the appearance of four mysterious men today. One, now identified as Donald Tardell, battled the Wonder Woman and sorceress that only two days before had battled another powered. Mr. Tardell was not a victim of the Raucous Chicken yet he transformed over two dozen police and dock workers into animals. In the battle, Wonder Woman appears to have been transformed into a sow, but the sorceress calling herself only Mantra reverted all the victims to human form and placed the unconscious Tardell in a spell to prevent his use of magic."

"I know most of this," I said with a groan. "Yeah...there were three other wizards," Indy said while restarting the tape.

"Three other figures appeared as well, one at Parker Elementary School. He appears to have aged the children into adults while reducing the teachers and other former adults present into children. He vanished when the police arrived, leaving hundreds of people affected," the woman said with a stern face.

They went to a remote unit then, "This is Josh Vern at Parker Elementary. I'm here with some of the affected. Mr. Paulson...you were the principal of this school can you tell us what happened?" A small boy, probably no older than six, spoke...his eyes brimming with tears. "We...we were in the office as usual. I had a young girl in conference with her teacher when we heard a man yell from the halls. I stood up and saw that my clothes were too big for me. Within a minute I was reduced to...this," he sobbed.

A buxom woman giggled as Vern turned to her, "Becky Hall? You were only ten years old before this?!" he asked her.

She twirled her hair around a finger and said, "Yep. Are we really on TV?" she asked shyly.

"Um...yes," Vern said. His attention kept drifting to the former little girl's abundant breast. The clothes the girl had worn were strained to bursting to contain her chest...and her jeans were shredded down the sides from her new hips and butt.

"Hi, mommy!" she giggled. "I'm all grown up now!" she said while running off.

The tape then returned to the studio, the anchorwoman seemed clearly disturbed. "I...Dan?', she looked to her co-anchor.

The man took her notes as she left, tears falling from her eyes. "As disturbing as the scene at Parker Elementary was...this next one seems far worse. The second of the four appeared at Hawk Park, the scene of the daily thoroughbred races. He appeared as the third race was starting and gestured at the horses and their jockeys. The men, and one woman, were transformed slowly into horses even as their rides shifted into human form. The initial changes caused all of the changing horses to throw their riders. The newly human horses, all male save for one, staggered about in shock at the loss of their familiar bodies even as the newly equine humans fell about, unable to even stand on their four legs," he said.

"This is Bob Craig at Hawk Park. From what we've learned the transformed human were tranquilized and taken to a far stable for examination. The newly human horses were sedated and are being kept at a local hospital, doctors have called some of the more powerful mages that have gone public. The woman known as Mantra is said to be arriving sometime tonight, it is hoped that she can reverse all that has happened," the man said.

The anchorman frowned as they came back to him, "And the last of the four appeared at Peermont Beach. He merely gestured and over one hundred men and women switched gender. We go to Melissa Edwards live on the scene." An attractive woman appeared, with a drop-dead gorgeous blonde beside her.

"Melissa Edwards on Peermont Beach. I am here with Travis Jennings, a pro beach volleyball player that was training when the incident occurred. Travis, could you tell us what happened?"

The blonde gestured and an attractive slim brunette joined her, "Juan and me were practicing when this wack-job appeared out of nowhere. He twirled his hands of something and everybody started changing. I heard my pelvis snap outwards and as I fell to my knees I grew these boobs. When I looked up I was the babe you see, and Juan was the Latina sexpot she now is. All the guys I knew on the beach were now women, and all the babes were now these big, muscular guys," she explained.

"You seem to be taking this awfully well," Melissa said in surprise.

The blonde grinned. "Hey I was scrapping a living as a guy. I've only been a woman for a few hours and already I've got a job at a strip joint downtown! Besides, there's other wizards out there if I want to I can get restored!" the former man laughed.

"Confident in that, isn't he!" I asked as Indy turned of the tape. "I've already been to Hawk Park, Bill. The wizard was just like the one we fought. His spells were weaker than any Raucous Chicken sorcerer could do," she observed.

"So what are we saying, then?" I asked, "That someone is out there making these wacked-out transforming wizards?"

Indy turned away for a minute. "Yeah. And they're not going to stop," she said with a trace of fear.

"Serial wizards...man can things get any weirder!!" I howled in rage. "Let's go. Maybe we can spot something if they attack again," I said.

Indy frowned, "You'll have to go alone. I'm headed to change back those kids and the beachgoers. Let's meet back here tomorrow night," she said while shaking my hand.

"Good luck Indiana," I said as she floated into the sky, having phased through the wall.

I needed to get in touch with Andrea again, see if she could help me get a lead on that Supergirl. But first I was going to the fourth precinct, the cop from my second night owed me now...maybe he could pull up the criminal records of the people at the party we didn't already know.

This day had visited chaos on the city. I hugged myself against the fear growing inside me. The victims of the change were already seen as dangerous freaks my quite a few people. After a day like this it was going to get worse...a lot worse. I undressed and pulled on another T-shirt and jeans, I needed to be unnoticed...as much as a six-foot-plus amazon with DD-cup breasts could ever be.


I walked briskly through the chilly streets, enjoying what little sun still showed through the clouds. Just what I needed...rain! Suddenly, my clothes were morphed into a tiny bikini version of my Wonder Woman uniform to my utter shock.

"We know who you are!" a woman laughed from behind me. I whirled to see four people standing there, two women, a man, and a child. They all seemed to be smiling maliciously at me as if they were all of one mind.

Indy had told me that even when I'd been turned into a sow that I'd have been restored by the very nature of the magic-created body I now wore. I wasn't invulnerable to transform magic, merely sure that I'd change back quickly.

My breasts then began to swell as the taller of the two women gestured. My top shredded in moments and fell off as my breasts grew to impossible size. I'd only seen two people with boobs this big, Cindy and Andrea!

I punched the sidewalk, the power of my blow sending the four sprawling...and causing my mammoth tits to bobble about.

"Get her! The master wishes to dispose of her before the party!" the man snapped. The child pointed at me but I had an idea of his power and leaped into the air...causing him to hit the taller woman with the body-warping powers.

"WAAAHHH!" an infant girl cried as the boy's power turned his own comrade into an infant.

Suddenly I felt strange and clutched my head in pain as the man burned into my head with his mental powers. I could feel him taking me over but there was nothing I could do...as my conscious mind faded I saw his grin of triumph.


The Gentlemen's Club----later that night

I lit another cigarette as I sat at my dressing table. I'd just finished my third set of the night and as usual the crowd had been psyched to see me. I've been told that I'm a dead ringer for the Wonder Woman that was created at that club some time back but my boobs are a lot bigger than hers...and I love it!

"Billie, I don't know how you do it!" a chesty red-haired woman named Desiree whistled in admiration as I counted the money that I'd had put into my G-string during my last set. "And this is your first night...I had to work months to make that much!"

I grinned wickedly. "When you've got it, flaunt it!" I laughed while cupping my huge breasts.

Just then a jet-black haired woman walked in....through the wall! I scrambled backwards in fear as she frowned at me...almost in disgust.

Then a strong pair of hands grabbed me from behind, "Oh Bill, what a delicious slut you've become!" a woman laughed.

"Cindy! Try to control your bloodlust...we need to restore her mind, not drain her blood!" the other woman snapped.

As the woman held me, I felt my chest tingle...then shrink! My beautiful boobs diminished to DD-cups...big but nowhere near what I'd had!

"What have you done to me!!" I screamed while turning to see the woman that held me.

"BOO!" the woman laughed at my shock...her long fangs gleaming in the light.

The black-haired woman walked up and slapped me hard across the face as the vampire held me tightly. She continued to slap me...and I felt an anger...a rage that I'd never known build up.

"ENOUGH!" I growled while breaking the vampire woman's hold. I grabbed her and threw her hard into the other woman now dressed in gold armor.

"I'd say her powers are unaffected," Cindy groaned to the nameless beauty.

I saw the buxom sorceress gesture at me and my mind snapped painfully as I fell to my knees.

"Indy...Cindy!" I groaned while holding my aching head. The super-endowed vampiress hugged me, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

"Cindy?!" I asked, "How are you still able to be well....you!" I asked in wonder.

"It's been a matter of will all along for her. She can rein in the artificial personality when she concentrates...while retaining the powers of her night-time self," Indy/Mantra explained.

"Billie!" the fear-filled voice of Desiree asked while looking at me. I remembered all that I'd done under the mind-sorcerer's powers...namely, stripping nude in front of a hundred men!

"It's me Desiree, I really am Wonder Woman...." I said with a sigh.

She hugged me in relief that I wasn't dead or mind-controlled but then she broke away, "Wait a minute...Wonder Woman used to be a…a guy...and you watched me strip...you pervert!" she snarled while slapping me.

I frowned, "I wasn't quite myself, Desiree. I was under mind-control and looking at you did nothing for me...well it did...but I couldn't quite remember why."

Cindy seemed pretty annoyed at our embrace and growled, "Bill...darling...we have to go!"

I was puzzled by her jealously, just the other day she'd stopped sleeping with me because of my change in sex. She'd told me that we'd never be lovers while I was a woman. She seemed to sense my confusion and smiled. "I've reconsidered. It's a lonely life when you're a vampire stripper, and I realized that I should stand by you as you did me."

"The serial transforms have been getting worse Bill," Indy said with a frown.

"The four I battled!" I asked.

"And more...it seems our mystery wizard has decided to cause utter chaos. At last count ten of them had been spotted today...gender-mophers, age-changers, mind-swappers, and any other thing you can think up! The police department is up to it's ears with all the trouble they've caused...and even the few super-heroes have been swamped. I'd say we're needed," she sighed.

I grabbed a robe and flew off with Cindy and Indy to see exactly how bad things had gotten. Whoever this mystery man was he seemed determined to make the city a magical chaotic mess!


I was standing on a roof, still trying to get used to my powers....my new sex.....when it happened. There was a scream from below me, a woman from the pitch, and then the sound of gunfire. I was supposed to meet up with Indiana and Cindy at midnight to trap the sorcerer responsible for all of this craziness.

As I flew off of the building and into the alleys below I couldn't help but think of that. Was I going to allow the scumbag to escape by helping a gunshot victim?

I landed in the shadows and saw a woman lying on the ground at the end of the alley. She was lying on the ground, almost as if she'd been shot. I raced towards her with my super-speed and saw her lying on her back, a minor gunshot wound to her arm.

"Easy miss, you'll be fine," I said soothingly while scooping her into my arms.

"Miss!!" she screamed as if remembering something. She looked down at her rather plain female body and shrieked in horror then began pounding her fists on me...to no avail given my near-invulnerability.

"Let me guess," I sighed, "You ran into a gender-morpher with a gun, he turned you into a woman and demanded your money in return for reversal...then when he declined to honor his word you attacked and he shot you while running away."

Her senses finally focused as I spoke and she sobbed, "You...you're that Wonder babe right!" she managed.

I frowned, "I've been called Wonder Woman...I'm one of the transformees. Like you, I used to be a man," I said with a sigh.

"But you're a super-hero! All I got was tits and a pussy!" she snarled at me.

"Do you think I liked losing my body?!" I snapped. "Yeah, I did become a super-hero! But I also have to deal with being this drop-dead sexpot. Listen we could argue all night, but I need to get you to a hospital."

"NO!" she howled. "I'm not letting anyone see me like this!"

I flew into the air, not listening to her protests until we landed a few minutes later at the nearest hospital. Luck would have it that it was the same one that had handled me during my injury against the would-be Silver Surfer. I made sure that she was well cared for before I lifted off into the night, it was almost like dealing with my own gender change again....so similar.

As I flew to the meeting I let my mind wander back to the night when my life flipped upside down, the night I went from a guy just making a living to one of the sexiest, and most powerful women on the planet. I'd been talked into attending a Halloween party as Wonder Woman by my girlfriend Cindy, who'd gone herself as a huge-breasted vampire stripper. During the party a very REAL sorcerer had become confused into thinking we were real...when he found out he cast a spell to ensure that we became what we were dressed as. In my case that meant that I was suddenly sporting sizeable breasts and now looked exactly like Wonder Woman from the comics. Cindy became a true vampire stripper, and her padded chest became her real bosom!

Although Cindy had since gained control over her vampiric self she remained rather violent under the moon, almost as if she were a mix of her two personalities.

Indiana Jones was another case, she'd been a man like me who'd attended the party dressed as the comic book superheroine Mantra...a voluptuous black-haired beauty herself. We'd become best friends in the months since, perhaps because of our similar situations. Now we were preparing to deal with the serial transform wizard that had been spreading havoc across the city.

Whoever had been behind this was supposed to show up for the party...the party that was going on tonight for all those transformed during the first party. It was hoped that whatever had transformed us the first time might undo it during this bash. Myself, I was going there because the serial wizard was rumored to be in attendance at the first one and might show up this time as well....perhaps to recruit new members.

"Look who finally showed up!" Indy snorted while pointing to her watch. "Luckily for you the party was postponed...unluckily is the reason why. It seems our rogue sorcerer has been working overtime creating his slaves. We've got reports of at least thirty different changers in the city....and to make things worse...some have apparently been dispatched to other cities. It's total chaos!"

I looked into the night, "Whoever is behind this wanted the party put off, that has to be his or her reason for this. Perhaps they're afraid of one of the true sorcerers that have crossed into our world...or they fear losing their powers. So what's the plan? Do we split up to do as much as possible?"

Indy frowned, "We'd be playing into his hands...but as is...I don't see a choice. We need to cover the three biggest gatherings...I'm sure those will be targets."

Cindy mused, "There is a baseball game at Orchard Field tonight, it was a doubleheader and should be going on for a little longer. This late at night I'd say the other gatherings would be strip clubs...and the jail," she said.

Indy hovered in the air, "I'll take Orchard Field, if they've struck I can help restore some of the victims."

Cindy mused, "Obviously, I'm the best suited for the strip bars....it'll take some work to find the biggest one...unless…The Gentlemen's Club! That's where they left you...I'd imagine it would be a target."

"That leaves me with the jail...just what I want, hanging out with killers and such!" I groaned while flying off into the sky.

I landed at the State Penitentiary, just a few miles out of town, and immediately knew something was very wrong...there were no guards at the gates! I ripped open the steel doors with my super-strength and still saw nobody within sight. Then I heard the bawling from the shack that the guards used to open the doors. I stuck my head in and gasped at seeing ten infants sobbing on the floor, all naked. Any doubts as to these children's past was cleared when I saw a tiny tattoo on one of the baby's arms. This place had already been visited it seemed by at least one of serial wizards.

I walked back out, now on my guard and keeping to the shadows. I knew that there had to be more than one to overcome the guards...but how many!?

I slipped into a storm grate and walked through the pipes to a lower level room, probably the boiler room by the look of it. I prepared to exit the damp, sewer-like pipes when something wrapped around my ankle and pulled me back.

I looked back to see an immense snake towering over me wearing the remnants of a prison uniform. Perhaps this creature had been human once, but now it was an anaconda...yet even more massive and stronger than any snake I'd ever heard of.

Its jaws opened as it reached for me but I used my super-speed to grab its neck and squeeze. The snake's tongue flailed as did its body but it let go of my leg long enough for me to slam it against the wall. I couldn't bring myself to kill it due to its human past...but could I afford that luxury within the walls?

I walked into the boiler room, but stopped when I heard something very large and heavy walking towards me...more than one, it seemed.

Before I could move a dozen gorillas, all immense in size as the snake had been, raced towards me with murder on their minds.

I leaped above them, knowing that a prolonged fight wouldn't do anything but draw attention to my position. I spotted the entrance to the stairs that they'd just used and decided upon a plan. I ripped a huge piece of machinery as I flew past and tossed it back behind as I flew up the steps...blocking the gorillas from following.

I was in the area just below the main cells, the general population. And as I looked for the stairs to get up there I heard a voice through the grate that loomed above me.

"Excellent!" a man laughed, "Come forward and gain power from me. Gain the power to continue your crimes without fear!"

"Can you give me women, man?" a younger voice asked.

"Victor...show the man," the voice said.

I ran up the steps to above and crouched, now able to see the entire scene before me. I knew that the guy in the magician's cape had to be the one we'd been looking for...and I saw his plan. What better servants to create chaos than those that enjoy it WITHOUT mind-control! The convicts had apparently not seen his handiwork of the guards yet...speaking of them...where were the rest of them? They should be present...even transformed they should be here.

A burly black man walked up to a younger convict, perhaps barely twenty-one, and held up his hand. There was a moment when it seemed that the youngster might even realize what was happening...then his eyes glazed as he looked down at a buxom woman that he'd become.

"Do any more of you doubt the power I can bestow?" the magician asked.

I could see the convicts backing away in fear--they'd seen the gender-change of the young man...and wanted no part of it.

"You have nothing to fear from me!" he laughed at them, "I seek only to have you help me bring chaos to this city!"

I backed down the stairs as he spoke, I'd need help for this and I needed the magical device Indy had created for us some time back. All I had to do was hold it tightly and the others would know that I needed help. As powerful as I now was it would be suicide to deal with this many change wizards.

Before I could move back into my hiding place, a hand pushed me from behind...shoving me out onto the floor of the cell block...and well within sight of the sorcerer responsible.

"So...the gender-bending heroine graces us with her presence!" he laughed, "I'm amazed that you're not still sporting enormous breasts and living quite happily as a stripper! Perhaps you are more resourceful than I thought...well, I'm aware that you would eventually change back no matter what I do to you...unless we kill you that is," he said the last with a wide grin.

I turned my head to see a mountainous man behind me, apparently the one that had found me in the stairwell. I looked about at the twenty or so civilians...anyone not in a prison uniform was likely to possess some change power.

He walked up to me and smirked at my body as he stood close. He cupped one of my breasts and grinned, "I imagine this disgusts you doesn't it!" he laughed, "I could have one of my servants transform your mind again...perhaps into a woman more than willing to satisfy all these men!"

I saw the convicts pump their fists into the air as they cheered. If I didn't make a move quick, it was going to be too late.

He reached to tear off my uniform, assuming that I would not provoke conflict given the numbers...and so I caught his hand and crushed every bone in it.

"EAGGGH!" he roared while holding his wounded hand, "Change her into something! Anything! Then kill her!"

I saw a young woman motion towards me, but before the spell reached me I grabbed the bruiser from behind and put him before me as a shield.

He screamed in pain as his hands turned into hooves and he fell to all fours. Long, sharp horns sprouted form his head...antlers. I leaped aside as the buck he'd become looked about in shock at being a deer. But it was about to get worse for him. An age-changer had tried to youngthen me but instead hit his panicked transformed friend. The massive buck grew younger by the second until a very young deer staggered about, having lost much size and the antlers.

I had little time to feel sorry for him however as it seemed like spells were being fired form everywhere. I was using the convicts as shield as I raced about, only my super-human speed keeping me from being transformed.

"She's only one woman! Damn! Just swarm on her with numbers!" the magician snapped to them.

His strategy worked this time as I was grabbed by at least a dozen men at once. They piled on, dragging me down with their numbers even as I struggled to free myself. After beating and groping me for ten minutes they dragged me to the magician....I was barely conscious and nude by this time.

"I could have used you, my dear. A shame you act like a super-hero! Don't worry about anything though...in less than a few seconds you'll be dead!"

He pulled a handgun and pointed it at my head with a grin, "You men behind her might want to move, this could be messy!"

Before he could move a pair of women seemed to rise from the floor itself, one wearing gleaming armor and the other dressed like a stripper.

"'Bout...time," I groaned.

The sorcerer could still have killed me but he was stunned by Indy and Cindy's appearance. Before he could move, Cindy buried her fangs in his throat and he screamed in horror and pain as she began draining him.

The convicts were standing still in shock and Indy took advantage of that by covering them all in an illusion.

All of them looked female suddenly...all like their own dream woman, in fact! As one they howled in horror and scrambled to escape the armor-clad woman that had transformed them all...or seemed to.

"Cindy!" I groaned as she continued to rip the sorcerer's throat to draw more blood.

I staggered to my feet just in time to see a changer drawing a bead on Indy floating overhead.

I grabbed the tiara I wore and threw it as hard as I could at the changer. It hit him in the face, shattering his nose and making his spell go wild.

He hit two of the gender-morphers even as they prepared to run. Instead they became dogs and ran about yapping in confusion.

Indy blasted three more changers with gusts of wind that slammed them into the walls even as I smashed two others together as hard as possible. I had no time to be gentle, what with more still at large.

"Please...help...me," the sorcerer sobbed as Cindy continued.

I grabbed Cindy, trying to coax her off of the man...instead, she punched me in the face, sending me sprawling to the floor.

Angry now I leaped back at her, knocking her off even as blood splattered from the sorcerer's wound. I was stronger than her, especially now that I was pissed, so I held her firmly.

"Cindy! Calm down! He's beaten!" I growled.

She struggled for a moment then went limp in my arms and turned back to face me.

"Bill," she said while lowering her eyes, "I'm so sorry...I'm nothing more than an animal!"

I kissed her, something we'd rarely done since my transformation into a woman. When are lips parted I smiled, "Would you do me the honor of being my wife?"

I saw her eyes widen in surprise and then a broad smile lit her face, "I thought you'd never ask!"

"So I assume you can live with my...transition!" I asked.

She looked down at her own immense breasts, "If you can with mine. I would love to marry you!" she laughed while hugging me.

Indy landed next to us, the bleeding sorcerer sagging in her grip, "Hey guys! I'm glad for you and all...but shouldn't we wait until we take laughing boy here to the hospital?"


One month later

I looked in the mirror after I'd pulled on my tuxedo. I smirked at the sight, a very buxom and beautiful woman wearing a tuxedo might seem a little strange, but both Cindy and I had decided that we should have our marriage be as we'd planned some time ago.

"How do I look?" I asked my best man.

Indy looked at her own reflection in the mirror, wearing a matching tuxedo and looking as out of place as I. "Like a crossdresser," she said with a grin.

"In other words, you'll fit right in!"

Police Chief Ramon Harders walked in at that time, he was one of my groomsmen and wore a slightly larger tuxedo than we.

"Bill, I'm glad to see you settle down...but how does Cindy feel about you joining the police force?" he asked.

I chuckled, "She knows I'm a big girl, Ramon. Besides with all the people running around out there you need someone like me."

Indy snorted, "Forgetting someone?"

I grinned, "Sorry partner...someone like us."

"Oh, by the way. That serial wizard you guys captured at the Peneteniary…turns out he was a failed writer. Apparently, his novels kept getting rejected because he used transformation too much in them. When he gained true power at that damned party he set about making people pay. He came out of his coma the other day...seems that even in jail he's going to get published," Chief Harders said with a chuckle.

I laughed, "Figures! We're the good guys and he's the one that gets rich!"

A few minutes later I waited at the altar with Indy. I looked out into the crowd at my parents and brothers. All of them had supported me from the start with my change...and they all loved Cindy. I grinned at the bachelor party we'd had a few nights before...it had to have been the only one in history where the groom was a sexier woman than the strippers we'd seen at the bar that night!

Also in the crowd were some other friends, Andrea and a few of the superheroes I'd come to know in these months. Then the wedding march began and I waited.

When Cindy walked the aisle with her father all thoughts left my head...all I could do was look at her in that long white dress. She was simply beautiful, radiant as the day I'd first seen her.

The preacher smiled at us as we clasped hands and he began the vows. Within a few minutes we came to the most important part.

"Do you, William Edwards, take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for richer for poorer, until death do you part?" he asked me.

"I do," I said almost as soon as he'd finished.

Cindy smiled as she was asked the same question and she turned to me slightly before answering, "I do."

"I pronounce you man and wife...I give you Mr. and Mrs. William Edwards!" the preacher said happily, "You may kiss the bride," he said to me with a slight grin.

I pulled Cindy close and kissed her with all the love and desire in my heart...I'd come so close to losing her when I'd been transformed...now it was the one thing that might have made us perfect for each other.


As we laid in bed on our honeymoon I watched television, we'd barred any cameras or television from the ceremony and yet there were reports about it...after all it wasn't every day a superhero married.

"I must say...you seemed very energetic tonight!" Cindy laughed from beside me.

I grinned, "Hey, it's my honeymoon and I'm in bed with a beautiful woman!"

"There is only one thing we'll miss out on, Bill," Cindy said while hugging me.

"And what's that?" I asked.

"Children...I wish we could have kids," she sighed.

I reached to the table and grabbed a small amulet that Indy had made for me as a wedding present.

Cindy felt the change in me and looked up to see a male version of the Wonder Woman body I wore.

"My...my God! But how...I thought the change couldn't be reversed?!" she gasped while touching my broad chest.

"It can't. But I can be transformed for a short time until the magic that altered me reasserts itself...maybe an hour at a time in this case," I said while kissing her.

"Let's make the most of that time, then!" she laughed while straddling me.

As we made love again I wondered exactly what the children of a gender-bent Wonder Woman clone and a stripper vampire might look like.

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