Mantra's Origin in Pictures

Well, if a picture speaks a thousand words, I figure my other origin page is equivalent to about one picture. However, most of these took at least two pictures to tell the story, so I guess I wasn't so long-winded after all, huh? <grin>

Mantra smiling
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Mantra: Who He Is, And How She Came To Be
Sludge #4,
Ultraverse Origins #1

A straightforward telling of Mantra's origin.

Cartoon Mantra
Image1 | Image2

You Can't Spell Mantra Without Man
Mantra, Vol. 1 #7

An origin story told using the cartoon Mantra that made an appearance in Mantra #5.

Mantra and Evie flying
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Image3 | Image4

Once Upon A Bedtime...
Ultraverse Premiere #0

When Evie can't sleep one night, Lukasz (as Eden) tells her a bedtime story about Mantra.

Image from cover of Mantra #1
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Hero Fact File: Mantra
Hero Illustrated #13, July 1994

A two-page summary of Mantra taken from Hero Illustrated magazine.

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