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Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of Ultraverse or Mantra pages out there. However, here are some other places to visit if you're a fan of the comics.

Ultraverse: A New Twist Banner
Ultraverse: A New Twist

A fan fiction archive devoted to Ultraverse stories. Be sure to check out the Mantra: A New Twist page there, and sign the petition to bring back the Ultraverse! (If you want to add link to the site on your own page, I've created two Mantra graphics you might want to use.)

Ultraverse's Mantra!
A great one-page summary of Mantra (part of "The Women of Marvel Comics" page).

JK2 Costumers
The costume shop responsible for putting together that fantastic Mantra costume (you might also try their original site).

The Night Man
A web site for the Night Man TV series.

Ultraverse: A New Twist mailing list
A mailing list created for the Ultraverse: A New Twist site, but open for all Ultraverse discussions.

Yahoo Club: The Ultraverse
A club on Yahoo devoted to the Ultraverse. (Note that you'll need a free Yahoo login to join the club and get access to everything.)

Yahoo Club: The Ultraverse Online
Another club on Yahoo devoted to the Ultraverse. This one doesn't seem as active, but it's photo archive has a bunch of pictures of Ultraverse characters taken from various sources. (Note that you'll need a free Yahoo login to join the club and get access to everything.)

UltraVersion 2.1 (formerly at this link)
A new Ultraverse fanfiction web site based on the flavor of the original UV stories, with an eye towards some interesting new changes. Also has a fantastic listing of all the Ultraverse comics published! (Note that the web server for this site can be a little slow, so be patient for it to load. Also, it looks like some of the material from the original site hasn't been moved over yet, so I've left the former link here for reference.)

Malibu Variant Cover List
Part of Big Tel's Web Page, listing the various variant covers from Malibu and the Ultraverse.

Contrary's New Elite
Another Yahoo club devoted to the Ultraverse, with a particular spotlight on Contrary, the lovely and enigmatic member of Ultraforce. (Note that you'll need a free Yahoo login to join the club and get access to everything.)

Malibu Comics Characters - Stats for Marvel Superheroes RPG
A little something for you roleplaying fans out there. This is part of the Marvel Superheroes Classic RPG System site, and lists characters from The Strangers and the original Exiles, converted to Marvel Superheroes terms.

Steve Gerber's official web site, which also has the unpublished Sludge story, entitled "Swamp of Souls."

James Hudnall's Official Site
Writer James Hudnall's official web site. The esteemed Mr. Hudnall was another of the Ultaverse's founding fathers, and writer of Hardcase and the Solution.

Mark Bourne's Official Site
The official homepage of Mark Robert Bourne, an ex-Malibuer and a real Ultraverse fan himself. The site is still somewhat under construction, but there's some fun UV stuff up there, including some great unpublished material.

Prime: A Gallery
A great collection of pictures featuring Prime, an Ultraverse character almost as cool as Mantra. <grin>

Angels and Monsters - Superheroines by Dave Roberts
The official web site of the very talented Dave Roberts, who was the artist for the last several issues of Mantra. The site is very much a work in progress and doesn't (as yet) have any Mantra material posted there, but it's definitely worth a peek for fans of Dave's work.

Amber Hunt: Pyrokinetic Princess
A brand-new page featuring Amber Hunt (a.k.a. Phoenix and En Flame), another much-overlooked Ultraverse heroine.

Mantra DCU Writeup
A relatively minor page featuring Mantra, but I couldn't resist including it. Here you'll find a fairly detailed character writeup for Mantra as a character in the DC Universe role-playing game.

And an honorable mention....

Transgender Graphics and Fiction Archive
My other web site, with a large section devoted to transgendered characters in comics (including you-know-who).

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