For fifteen centuries, he was Lukasz, a male knight, serving the wizard Archimage against the evil Boneyard. When the war went bad, he was reincarnated as a woman, Eden Blake, to learn sorcery! He's also learning to be a single mom and the ultra-heroine called...


Welcome to the Mantraverse!

(Mantra + Ultraverse = Mantraverse)


For readers of the Ultraverse comic Mantra, these three words had special meaning.

Although the comic has been shelved and the Ultraverse is no more, some of the fans have taken up the torch to remember these "fallen heroes." For my own part, I've taken it upon myself to create the canonical site dedicated to the Ultraverse's "Golden Sorceress," Mantra.

Feel free to browse around, and by all means, give me your feedback! (Ultraverse fans are a precious commodity of late.) You can do so either by signing the guestbook, or sending me an e-mail. (Or, if you feel like dropping a message to other Mantra fans, hop on over to the message board.) Most importantly, if you like what you see here, take a minute to read my short rant, "Can the Ultraverse Be Saved?" (Or, if you're in a big hurry, just pop on over to sign the petition on the Ultraverse: A New Twist site.)

Have fun!

- Jenny North

Mantra's origin, personality, fact sheet and a quick overview of the Ultraverse.

Details on Mantra's powers, weaknesses, her costume, and various artifacts she has collected.

Friends & Foes
Descriptions of Mantra's friends, foes and supporting cast.

Articles and interviews, fan fiction, and complete summaries of every Mantra comic you can imagine (and then some).

A huge collection of Mantra pictures.

Links to other Mantra and Ultraverse sites.

A listing of updates and modifications to the site.


Last Update: 11/19/2009

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