Alternate Universes

Don't get me wrong...Black September (and what came after) was awful, but it did offer some interesting alternate versions of Mantra. (And no...I'm not talking about Lauren, the girl who usurped the title after Black September.) Here are some of the possibilities we were offered:

Variant fantastic four
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The Fantastic Ultraforce Four?
Ultraforce/Avengers #1; Avengers/Ultraforce #1

An alternate version of the Fantastic Four made up of Ultras. Here, we apparently have Ben Grimm as "the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Mantra." <grin>

Mantra with a ponytail
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Mantra: More of a "bad girl" than usual...
Ultraforce Infinity

An evil version of Mantra...apparently kind of like NecroMantra with psychic powers. (And a southern accent? Whatever...)

Lauren as Mantra

Lukasz as Lauren
Ultraverse Future Shock

An alternate future storyline, introducing the possibility that Lukasz becomes Mantra again by taking over Lauren's body.

Technomantra flies into battle
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The Phoenix Resurrection Aftermath, #1
Foxfire #1

In an alternate future 50 years from now, Earth is under attack by a hostile alien force. Among the ultra-heroes that remain is Technomantra, who apparently has some type of control over technology, possibly through the use of magic. (We're never told her true identity or even if she has some relationship to Mantra, but if this is the Eden of the future, then she apparently never cut her hair during the intervening years. <Grin>)

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