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B/W of Mantra standing and holding the Sword

Mantra Artwork
George Perez, 1999

A black and white picture of Mantra by George Perez.

Mantra flying with arms outstretched

Mantra Artwork
Indiana Jones, 2000

A combination drawing and computer artwork, done by Indiana Jones. This was originally posted on his site, and donated for display here, as well.

B/W Sketch of Mantra smiling

Mantra Nude
Robb Phipps, 2000

Another sketch of Mantra without, breastplate. She doesn't seem too unhappy about it, though...

Mantra in chains

Mantra Artwork
Adam Walters, 2000

Mantra in chains, no doubt the prisoner of the nefarious Boneyard. Curse those iron manacles! <grin>

B/W sketch of Mantra having her mask removed

Mantra Artwork
Mike Miller

A great black and white sketch (presumably to have been used for cover art) of Mantra having her mask removed by Boneyard.

Mantra in a torn costume fighting someone
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Mantra vs. Electrocute
D. Day, 1995, 1996, 2001

Some images featuring Mantra and Electrocute having a nasty little catfight, replete with torn costumes, bared breasts, and lots of hair-pulling. You'd think that after 1500 years as a warrior, Mantra wouldn't have to resort to such tactics... <grin>

Mantra pulling on Zatanna's hair

Mantra vs. Zatanna
D. Day

Another catfight picture done in the style of the Mantra versus Electrocute series, this time featuring our heroine venting her aggressions on Zatanna.

Mantra in chains looking put out

Mantra nude in chains
Adam Walters, 2001

Possibly a follow-up to Adam's previous piece of Mantra in chains, this time having lost most of her armor. (And you know how chilly those dungeons can get...)

Mantra using the Sword of Fangs

En garde!
Adam Walters, 2000

A great action piece of Mantra using the Sword of Fangs.

Mantra using the Sword of Fangs

Mantra Artwork
Emmett Taylor

The lovely Mantra, rendered in ink, pastel and pencils.

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