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Mantra and Wonder Woman

Mantra and Wonder Woman
Adam Walters, 2001

Another great piece by Adam Walters, this time featuring Mantra and Wonder Woman.

Mantra leaning forward

Mantra Artwork

A nice black and white sketch of our heroine.

Mantra holding the sword

Mantra Artwork

A second black and white shot of Mantra by the same artist, this time holding the Sword of Fangs.

Mantra laying on her stomach

Mantra Nude
Dave Hoover, 1996

A gorgeous shot of Mantra in a seductive pose, apparently trying to remember where she left her mask and armor. <grin>

Mantra and Necromantra in a catfight
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Mantra vs. Necromantra
D. Day, 2002

The catfighting continues! After taking on Electrocute and Zatanna, our heroine is now having it out with her nemesis, Necromantra.

Sketch of Mantra flying

Mantra Sketch
JR, 1994

A nice pencil sketch of Mantra, flying and ready for action.

Mantra wearing a Jughead crown

Adam Walters, 2002

More hilarity from the mind of Adam Walters. (I pray Mike Barr was never this desperate...)

Mantra with one hand raised over her head

Mantra Sketch
Mike Wolfer, November 13, 1994

A great sketch of our sorceress striking a sultry pose.

Sketch of Mantra holding her sword

Mantra Sketch
Mike Lilly, 1995

A topless sketch of Mantra, holding the Sword of Fangs.

Mantra looking over her shoulder

Mantra Artwork
Mike Grell

A really beautiful rendition of Malibu's Golden Sorceress, created by Mike Grell.

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