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Mantra with her arms outstretched

Mantra Artwork
David ?

A nice ink drawing of Mantra about to cast a spell.

Mantra flying

Mantra Pencil Sketch
Greg Fox, 2/26/94

A great pencil sketch of Mantra flying in the clouds.

Mantra holding the sword

Mantra Artwork

Another black and white shot of Mantra by Intercept789, this time holding the Sword of Fangs.

Eden trying to cover herself

Mantra Nude

A shot of Mantra out of her armor and trying to cover herself, apparently an homage to the scene where her armor is stolen by Boneyard.

Mantra leaning back in a model's pose

Mantra Artwork
Moy, 2000

A really great shot of our heroine, striking a pose.

Mantra blasting Boneyard

Mantra Sample Page
Richard Pollard

A sample page by Richard Pollard featuring a battle between Mantra and Boneyard right next to the Hollywood sign.

Mantra flying with her fists clenched

Mantra Artwork
J. ??? and Tim Vigil, 1994

Mantra, flying into action.

Mantra in repose

Mantra Artwork

A great color piece of Mantra striking a sexy pose.

Mantra standing with her head hung over

Mantra Artwork
WilliamJon and Visage, 2/26/94

A nice pencil and ink piece featuring our heroine.

Mantra with her hands on her breasts

Mantra Artwork
Daniel Veesenmeyer, 02/01

A lovely color piece of Mantra in a sexy pose.

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