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Mantra with her hands on her hips

Mantra Artwork
Daniel Veesenmeyer, 04/02

Another great piece by Dan Veesenmeyer, this time with Mantra in her alternate costume, striking a pose.

Mantra kneeling down

Mantra Artwork
Dave Hoover, 05/02

Mantra kneeling down in another terrific piece by Dave Hoover.

Pencil sketch of Mantra

Mantra Sketch

A pretty pencil sketch of our heroine, armed with the Sword of Fangs.

Mantra with her arms held wide

Mantra Artwork

Mantra showing off in her black costume. She's such a tease. <grin>

Mantra in her black costume

Mantra Artwork

A lovely (and rather buxom) shot of Mantra in her black costume.

Mantra smiling

<New>MJ Mantra?
Adam Walters, 2002

Peter Parker should have been so lucky...

Mantra jumping away from something

<New>Mantra meets her match
Adam Walters, 2002

Lukasz becomes a woman and the feminist movement is set back by decades.

Sketch of Mantra casting a spell

<New>Mantra Sketch
Mike Lilly, 2002

A great pencil and ink sketch of Mantra casting a spell.

Black and white image of Mantra at the ready

<New>Mantra Artwork
Scott Hanna

A confident pose, with a spell at the ready.

Mantra bending over

<New>Mantra Artwork
Tyler, 2003

A seductive shot of our heroine sporting some slightly challenging footwear.

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