Mantra Figurines

Disappointing but true...although there were a number of Ultraforce action figures created following the Marvel buyout of Malibu, there was never a Mantra action figure. (Nor did she ever appear in the Ultraforce cartoon, to the best of my knowledge.) However, there were a couple custom figures created by fans:

Mantra figure from Wizard magazine

Mantra Custom Figure
Wizard #48, August 1995

The second-prize winner of a Wizard custom figure contest. (Second?!?) <grin>

Mantra figure

Mantra Custom Figure
Paul Hewitt's Custom Ultraverse Figures Web Page (apparently defunct)

This image was taken from Paul Hewitt's web page, showcasing some custom Ultraverse figures he'd put together. (The site appears to have gone away, however.)

Mantra figure holding sword

Mantra Custom Figure
By Tim Quicksell

A great custom figure of Mantra (and the sword!), converted from a Wonder Woman Super Powers action figure.

Action figure of Mantra in her black costume

Mantra (Black Costume) Custom Figure
By Tim Quicksell

Another terrific custom figure of Mantra, this time in her black costume from Giant Size Mantra.

Lauren action figure

Mantra (Lauren) Custom Figure
By Tim Quicksell

A custom-made figure of Lauren, the blonde Mantra from later in the series.

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