Here are some fun Mantra photomanipulations I've come across. A couple of these I discovered posted to newsgroups, but many have been sumitted directly to the site. (Thanks, guys!) Some are more serious, some are more fun, but I think all of them are great. But then of course, I'm biased. <grin>

I've tried to give the appropriate credit for these images, but one or two of them I don't have much information on, so if you know something (or just want to take credit), let me know and I'll be happy to give credit where credit is due.

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1993 Costume Photomanipulation

Costume Photomanipulation

The first appears to be a modified image of the 1993 costume, but I don't have any information about the author.

Mantra Photomanipulation

Mantra Photomanipulation
Created by Hurricane

Apparently created by an artist called Hurricane; more of his work is on display at the Club 411 web site.

Mantra photomanipulation

Mantra Photomanipulation
Created by Indiana Jones

A great photomanipulation by Indiana Jones, as originally displayed on his web site and donated for display here.

Eden dressed as a witch riding a broomstick

Eden's Halloween
Created by Neal Charles

First in a series of fun pinup art images featuring Eden. Here we have her playing a little prank on Evie and Gus on Halloween.

Eden changing a tire

Getting Tired
Created by Neal Charles

Another fun pinup of Eden. The triple-A motor club never looked like this...

Eden hanging up a picture

Created by Neal Charles

Eden having a little difficulty hanging up a picture. (You'd think in 1500 years, she'd have been a carpenter at least once.)

Eden getting dressed

Created by Neal Charles

Red is definitely a good color on Eden. (Of course, she looks good in burlap...)

Eden in a sheet looking at her reflection

Created by Neal Charles

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Eden using an old fat-reducing machine

Shake Down
Created by Neal Charles

Okay, laugh if you want, but if you had to run around in a costume like Mantra's, I'll bet you'd take some extra steps to look good, too.

Eden with her dress caught in an elevator

Up She Goes
Created by Neal Charles

Looks like those elevators around Aladdin tend to close a little more quickly than usual...

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