Rendered Graphics

It's always exciting to bear witness to the birth of a new art form. Of course, when that art form also features Mantra, that just makes it all that much better. <grin>

Here, we have some rendered 3-D images of our favorite heroine that were created using Poser. Special thanks go out to Gus for doing these and sending them in!

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Mantra meditating Mantra flying Mantra fighting a skeleton
Mantra smiling with her arms raised The skeleton and Mantra squaring off Mantra looking surprised
Manta delivers a flying kick to the skeleton
Mantra fighting a dinosaur with her sword

Mantra flying, wih a sunset in the background

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Mantra Poser Files

These are files can be loaded into the Poser program to create 3-D models of Mantra. Of course, if you come up with any good images based on this stuff, I expect to hear about it. <Grin>

Mantra poser files

Mantra character model - Poser Files
Files from

A 2.5 megabyte zip file containing a Mantra character model for use in Poser 4.

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