Ultraverse Artwork

Although you might not be able to tell it from this site, the Ultraverse had a lot of other heroes in it besides Mantra. Here are some group shots of her with the other ultras.

Group shot of ultra heroes

Ultraverse 1st Birthday Advertisement
Comics Scene #44, among others

An advertisement celebrating the Ultraverse's first birthday.

Ultra heroes around a cake

Ultraverse 1st Birthday Advertisement

Another picture celebrating the Ultraverse's first birthday.

Mantra looking very put out

Ultraverse 1st Birthday Picture
Malibu Sun #37

I don't even want to imagine how they would coax Mantra into doing a stunt like this. <grin>

Zip-Zap holding mistletoe over Mantra

Ultraverse Christmas Card

A great holiday picture of the Ultraverse heroes...the mistletoe is a nice touch, don't you think?

Ultra heroes group shot

Ultraverse Characters
Ultraverse Premiere #0

A group shot of the Ultraverse heroes, featuring Hardcase.

Prime in chains

Prime Versus the Ultras
Hero Illustrated #9

A fold-out poster from the Hero Illustrated magazine, featuring Prime apparently having a minor disagreement with the other ultras. This also features a two-page Prime interview on the back.

Mantra flying and holding the Sword of Fangs

Break-Thru: Mantra and the Ultras
The Solution #4

A two-page picture of Mantra and the other Ultras during the Break-Thru event.

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