Artifacts and Other Equipment

Over the course of her adventures, Mantra has discovered several other mystic artifacts which she has used to enhance her own abilities.

Eden examining the charmCharm

The charm, given to Mantra by Archimage's familiar Katinya, is a miniature replica of her mask. The charm allowed Mantra to cause her costume to appear and disappear, which she used to switch between her heroic and civilian identities. The eyes of the charm would glow when brought close to the mask, apparently as an indication of her rapport with the items.

Mantra holding the mystic tokenMystic Token

A reluctant gift to Warstrike from Edgar Strauss, the mystic token allowed Warstrike to transport himself to Boneyard's realm on the Godwheel. Although intended as a one-use device, Mantra has been able to power the token with her own mystic energies to create a "breach" for traveling to and from the other world.

Mantra holding the Grail and SpearThe Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny

While tracking down the "Spear of Destiny" (a.k.a. the Spear of Longinus) for Aladdin, Mantra ran afoul of the Herronvolk, a group descended from a family of primitive ultras who centuries ago had been transformed by the Jumpstart effect.

Using information stolen from Aladdin, the Herronvolk had also deduced the location of the Holy Grail, and brought the two artifacts together, intending to use the artifacts to continue their family line. When Mantra intervened, the Herronvolk attacked her. After a protracted confrontation, Mantra grabbed the two artifacts and used their mystic power to defeat the Herronvolk and escape.

The Grail and Spear are still in Mantra's custody, kept on a shelf in her home.

Boneyard's DaggerBoneyard's Dagger

Although it has no known mystic properties, this dagger was given to Mantra by Boneyard's wives in one of her earlier adventures. (Ostensibly to kill herself after being wed to Boneyard--an event which thankfully did not come to pass.) Mantra has kept the dagger, and has used it occasionally since then. Ironically, one of the few times she used the dagger was to kill Emalia (one of the Boneyard's wives) when they attacked her.

Book of Magic

Discovered by Mantra's fan club in an old bookstore, one of the incantations in this book was used to call forth the "Maxi-Man/Wiley Wolf" demon, and apparently contains some degree of mytic energies. Mantra confiscated the book from the girls and presumably still has it in her possession.

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