Mantra in combatLike her mentor Archimage, Mantra is a practitioner of white magic, which derives its power from life. Her core mystical abilities include control over the four classical elements (air, earth, fire and water), but she is also apparently able to use her powers for more unusual effects, such as creating mystic shields and energy blasts, becoming phantasmal, translating other languages, and even some degree of self-healing. Mantra has even exhibited some degree of control over technology, being able to magically hack into computer systems, including Aladdin's own Genie computer.

Although she is still inexperienced in the use of magic, items such as her costume or other mystic artifacts enhance her natural magical abilities. It has been remarked that since Eden's body has a high magical potential, her powers will increase as her experience grows. In the meantime, she is able to focus her magical energies by using the mantra provided to her by Archimage's "familiar," Katinya:


In addition to her powers over white magic, Mantra has also demonstrated the ability to tap into the black magic that is used by other denizens of the Ultraverse such as Boneyard, NecroMantra and Yrial. Since black magic is death-aspected, Mantra has only used these powers under great duress, but having been a soldier for fifteen centuries, she has caused and witnessed enough death to make this a formidable ability.

Mantra enragedAnother trait apparently demonstrated by magic users is their longevity. Both Archimage and Boneyard have apparently been at war with each other for over 15 centuries, and can apparently pass this along to others (as Archimage had done with his familiar and his knights). This apparently extends to Mantra as well, as Archimage once remarked that her powers would increase over the "centuries" that Lukasz occupied Eden's body (an inference Lukasz did not appreciate).

The Heredity of Magic

An interesting side note to Mantra's powers is that heredity appears to play a part in regards to magical ability. This is certainly supported by Boneyard's desire to spawn children with Mantra, whose magical abilities he would then be able to drain. The fact that Archimage's son Donnos is also a magic user of some ability bears this out further.

Archimage describes his planThis inherited trait is also apparently prevalent within Eden's family. Archimage placed Lukasz into Eden's body knowing that she possessed great potential for magic (and in fact planned to take over the body himself, which Mantra chose not to allow). When NecroMantra attempted to leech Eden's power, she also tried to steal the power from Eden's daughter Evie, who also must have some degree of innate magical ability. This apparently also extends to Eden's mother, but NecroMantra mentioned that the old woman's power had dried up from lack of use, suggesting that the power must be exercised to be maintained. It is curious that this sorcerous ability is limited to the women of the family, as NecroMantra did not attempt to capture Eden's son, Gus, Jr. However, the fact that Gus seems to have acquired sorcerous powers as a result of the events surrounding Black September may suggest that he does in fact have some natural magical talents.

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