Behind The Scenes

Here we have some Mantra comic stories presented in their original format that the writers wrote them in. These generally feature Lauren, the second blonde Mantra, but are a terrific insight into the characters and the process for us fans.

Very special thanks go out to Mark Bourne (an ex-Malibuer himself) for sending these in!

Title Author Description
Mantra Vol. 2 #1: "My So-Called Magic Life" Mike W. Barr The script for the first issue of the second Mantra series, immediately following the events of Black September.
A Devil's Touch, Part 1: Scratch Ann Nocenti

Part one of a three-part story featuring Lauren and Rush, where Lauren encounters a demonic entity named Scratch. But is he a villain or a mentor for the untrained sorceress?

A Devil's Touch, Part 2: Craze Ann Nocenti

In part two of the trilogy, Lauren gets pulled deeper under Scratch's influence, and encounters another unlikely foe.

A Devil's Touch, Part 3: Friday Night! Ann Nocenti

The conclusion of the story, featruing Lauren's continued team-up with Rush, and the confrontation with Scratch.

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