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"Here Today..."
Hardcase #19
January, 1995

Quote: "They all seem to be chasing personal vendettas, but they'll turn their attention our way soon enough. Why else would someone dress obnoxiously and adopt a goofy name? They're not doing it for the money. They seem to be following some unspoken trend. Some bizarre ethic handed down from comic books." - The Operator, commenting on the growing menace of ultras to her criminal empire

Credits: James D. Hudnall (writer); Kevin Bivins, Greg Horn & Bill Knapp (pencillers); Saleem Crawford, Craig Gilmore & Matt Osborne (inkers)

Cover: Keith Conroy (penciller); Larry Welch (inker)

Main Characters: Prime, The Alternate

Supporting Characters: The Operator, Trauma*, Bismark*, Kyle Grant*, George Klein*, Silk Johnson*, Larry Takata*, Quentin McVey*, Rafe Montavo*+

Villain: Rex Mundi


The world deals with the disappearance of Hardcase. Unknown to them, Hardcase has been transported to the Godwheel by the god Argus. The Alternate disguises herself as Mantra to trick Prime into helping her steal the remains of the destroyed NM-E to keep it out of the hands of its rightful owner and her nemesis, Rex Mundi. Mundi is furious. Even though Hardcase is missing, he comes to the conclusion that he and Hardcase will soon have their final confrontation. In downtown L.A., an associate of Mundi, The Operator, decides it's time that her organization uses an ultra to gain the upperhand in the criminal underworld. Trauma is that ultra.


  1. <New>"Every hero has an achilles heel"
  2. <New>A sucker for a pretty face
  3. <New>Absconding with police evidence
  4. <New>The Alternate schemes away
  5. <New>The "Ultra menace"

* Denotes First Appearance
+ Character Dies

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