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"The Return of Doctor Gross"
Prime #8
January, 1994

Quotes: "It was just like in the Camelot stories. A lady giving her knight a 'favor.' I must have impressed her with my bravery. I must have won her heart." - Prime, about Mantra

"Funny how protective I feel, though. As a male warrior, trapped in woman's body, I can imagine what it's like to be a kid forced to act like a man. I guess this is what one brother feels for another." - Mantra, about Prime

Credits: Gerard Jones, Len Strazewski (writers); Norm Breyfogle (artist); Tim Eldred (letterer); Keith Conroy (color design); Violent Hues (interior color); Hank Kanalz (editor)

Cover: Norm Breyfogle (artist); Albert Calleros (colorist)

Note: Continues in Mantra #7

Main Characters: Prime, Mantra

Supporting Characters: Prototype, Kelly

Villains: Doc Gross, Colonel Samuels

Point of Interest: Story is concluded in Mantra #7. Includes two-page Freex origin.


Prime returns to Earth from the moon. Descending uncontrollably, Prime gets help from Mantra who uses her magic to guide him into Eden Blake's pool. Samuels has tracked Prime and goes out to retrieve him. Meanwhile, Kelly thinks more about teh events of the past day. She makes her way to Eden Blake's house to give back some extra money she received from Eden for babysitting. She is shocked to see Kevin at Eden's house. As she leaves, Samuels pulls up and takes Kevin. Doc Gross attacks their van. Some debris strikes Kelly in the head, knocking her out. As Gross and his ultra-goons battle for Kevin, Mantra comes to the rescue. Gross captures Mantra, realizing that she would be perfect for reproducing ultras. Kevin becomes Prime again and argues with Samuels to save Mantra.

* Denotes First Appearance
+ Character Dies

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