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"Once Upon A Bedtime..."
Ultraverse Premiere #0
November, 1993

Quote: "The truth is no gorier than most fairy tales." - Lukasz as Eden

Credits: Mike W. Barr (writer); Scott Kolins (penciller); Barbara Kaalberg (inker)

Cover: Jim Lee (artist)

Main Characters: Mantra, Evie

Supporting Characters: Archimage, Boneyard


Intended as a reader's introduction to the Ultraverse, this book had several short origin stories for most of the main characters. In the Mantra story, Eden tells Evie a bedtime story that tells how Mantra came to be.


  1. Page 1 - Lukasz meditating as Mantra
  2. Page 2 - An unexpected interruption
  3. Page 3 - "Once upon a time..."
  4. Page 4 - Archimage chooses a champion
  5. Page 5 - Sweet dreams

* Denotes First Appearance
+ Character Dies

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