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"Reversal of Fortune"
Mantra Vol. 1 #1
July, 1993

Quote: "!" - Lukasz, seeing himself as Eden for the first time

Credits: Mike W. Barr (writer); Terry Dodson (penciller); Al Vey (inker); Tim Eldred (letterer); Paul Mounts (color design); Floodhammer! (interior color); Chris Ulm (editor)

Cover: Hoang Nguyen (artist), George Cox III (colorist)

Main Character: Mantra*

Supporting Characters: Archimage*, Eden Blake*, Edgar Strauss*, Yaron*, Hamath*, Thanasi*, Katinya*, Warstrike*, Bill Cooper*, Carl, Brent*, Mr. Dalmas*, Gus*, Evie*

Villains: Boneyard*, Notch*


As the latest incarnation of the eternal warrior Lukasz, Bill Cooper and his fellow warriors are directed by their leader, Archimage, to a local magic shop. The minions of Boneyard (Archimage's brother and mortal enemy) have recovered a magical mask at the shop. The shop owner, Edgar Strauss, is saved when Lukasz breaks into the shop. Strauss escapes with the mask. Lukasz's body is killed by Notch. Archimage places Lukasz into another body (Carl). Archimage informs his knights that there is a traitor among them. Boneyard appears and spirits Archimage away, leaving Notch and his men to slaughter the surprised warriors. Lukasz dies again, this time killed by Warstrike. This time, Lukasz is placed in the body of a woman, Eden Blake. Lukasz visits the dying Katinya, who gives "him" a mantra to live by and a charm which becomes "Mantra's" costume. Warstrike finds Eden at her home, presumably to kill her.

* Denotes First Appearance

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