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"Mantra: The Animated Series"
Mantra Vol. 1 #5
November, 1993

Quote: "The only 'female side' I have is the outside! I need a hot shower--and you need a cold one!"
- Mantra, drenching Warstrike with a cloudburst

Credits: Mike W. Barr (writer); Terry Dodson (penciller); Jason Rodriguez (inker); Tim Eldred (letterer); Moose Baumann (color design); Family Fugue (interior color); Chris Ulm (editor)

Cover: Terry Dodson (penciller); Karl Kesel (inker); George Cox III (colorist)

Main Characters: Mantra, Warstrike

Supporting Characters: Eden's mother, Gus, Evie, Mr. Bracken, Marla

Villains: Edgar Strauss, Boneyard's demon, Boneyard


Mantra and Warstrike confront Strauss for trying to strand them in Boneyard's dimension. Mantra warns Strauss not to double-cross her again. Thanking Warstrike for his help, Mantra flies off, quietly followed by one of Boneyard's demons. Searching for a new form after its battle with Prime (see Prime #4-5), the demon settles for the cartoon character Wiley Wolf. "Eden" is promoted to a position with Aladdin, and is then called to meet Marla at the morgue, where the bodies of Brent (Mantra #3) and Carl (Mantra #1) have turned up. Later, Mantra is attacked by Wiley Wolf. Driving him off, Mantra soon realizes that any Mantra impersonators could be in danger from Wiley. Dropping in on a photographer and his Mantra model, Mantra is pulled into a television by Wiley. After a comical cartoon battle, Mantra returns, victorious.

* Denotes First Appearance

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