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"The Battle of All Mothers"
Mantra Vol. 1 #7
January, 1994

Quote: "Prime was no more a man than I was a woman. He was a boy, wearing the body of a man...just as I was a man, wearing the body of a woman. He seemed to like his transformation a lot more than I liked mine." - Mantra

Credits: Mike W. Barr (writer); Terry Dodson (penciller); Andrew Pepoy (inker); Tim Eldred (letterer); Tim Divar (color design); Family Fugue (interior color); Chris Ulm (editor)

Cover: Norm Breyfogle (artist); George Cox III (colorist)

Note: Continued from Prime #8

Main Characters: Mantra, Prime

Supporting Characters: Kelly, Eden's mother, Gus, Evie

Villains: Doc Gross and his mutoids, Colonel Samuels

Point of Interest: Includes two-page Prototype origin.


Captured by Doc Gross (see Prime #8), Mantra attempts to escape with Prime's help. Gross incapacitates Mantra with tranquilizer darts. He threatens to kill her unless Prime protects him from Samuels, who has just arrived. Mantra is taken to Gross' laboratory where her reproductive system is to be transplanted into one of Gross' mutoids. He plans to create completely stable ultra-soldiers. Prime suddenly bursts through the wall, having used Mantra's sword (she secretly left it behind for him) as a compass to track her. Prime is knocked into the sewers by Gross. Prime's body melts away from overuse. Gross pulls Kevin out of the leftover "skin" as they plummet over the edge of a sewage waterfall. Mantra catches up in time to save Kevin. They return home, where Kevin promises not to reveal that Eden Blake is Mantra.

* Denotes First Appearance

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