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"The Renaissance Snare"
Mantra Vol. 1 #8
February, 1994

Quote: "Warstrike has about as much interest in the Renaissance as I have in getting pregnant." - Mantra

Credits: Mike W. Barr (writer); John Statema (penciller); Barbara Kaalberg (inker); Dave Lanphear (letterer); George Cox III (color design); Family Fugue (interior color); Eileen Eldred (assistant editor); Chris Ulm (editor)

Cover: John Statema (artist); George Cox III (colorist)

Main Characters: Mantra, Warstrike

Villains: Boneyard, Notch, Guise*


Notch informs Boneyard of his plan to capture Mantra. After foiling some kidnappers, Warstrike returns home to find Mantra waiting for him. Refusing to call Mantra by her female name, Warstrike rebuffs her uncharacteristic romantic advances. "Mantra" transforms into Guise, and restrains Warstrike until Notch can overpower him. Seeing Warstrike's face everywhere, Mantra goes to investigate his apartment and is surprised by a pair of Notch's men. After killing one attacker, Mantra finds a flyer for a renaissance faire. At the faire, Guise takes the form of Lukasz's first wife, Marinna, and attacks her. Not suspecting the battle is real, the crowd cheers them on. Mantra follows the fleeing henchmen to Notch, who is now accompanied by two Warstrikes. The true Warstrike calls Mantra "Eden," and Mantra blasts Guise, who escapes. Notch and his men flee into a breach, and Warstrike tricks Mantra into kissing him. Boneyard then imprisons Notch for failing.

* Denotes First Appearance

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