Evie's Story

by C.D. Lee

Mom doesn't want to be our mom;
She'll send us off to Dad.
Don't know why she hates us,
Or why she thinks we're bad.

My mommy used to laugh a lot
And we had loads of fun.
Now she's hardly ever home;
Is there something that I've done?

Mommy used to sing old songs
And kiss me on the cheeks;
Now she locks her bedroom door
And hardly ever speaks.

My mommy once would pick me up
And put me in her chair
To ask me 'bout my day at school
And what we're learning there.

My mommy would read fairy tales,
But now she never does.
She used to tuck me in at night;
I liked the way it was.

Evie hugging a dispassionate Eden

It's worse than yells and spankings;
It's like she doesn't care.
Her funny eyes look right though me,
As if I wasn't there.

To help my mommy love me more
I put away my toys;
I clean my room 'most every day
And never make much noise.

I sometimes lay awake at night
And feel so sad I cry;
Things have changed so awfully;
Don't know the reason why.

I say my prayers before I sleep
And ask of God above
To make our Mommy sing again
And fill her heart with love.

If Mommy cannot love me
Is there anyone who may?
-- Like that pretty sorceress
I saw the other day?

Evie hugging Eden, who looks away

She seemed so brave and seemed so good.
If she needs a family
I'd love to be her little girl,
If she'd be nice to me.


Mantra consoles Evie

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