A Mirror For Mantra

by C. D. Lee

Mantra created by Mike W. Barr
Property of Malibu Comics

[This 10-part story has been running on the Ultraverse: A New Twist site; however, at the moment, that site seems to be on hiatus, so I've taken the liberty of archiving it here as well, since I'm also posting the new chapters. If nothing else, this gives the story to have a mirror site, which given the title, seems only appropriate. <grin> - Jenny]



The first ten issues of Mantra: A New Twist is a ten-part story called A Mirror For Mantra, written by C.D. Lee, taking place after Mantra #22. For Ultraverse: A New Twist continuity, Mantra's past is similar to the major events happening in Mantra #1-22, as described in this series, except cross-overs with non-Mantra related characters never took place.

Date Posted
1 Reflections August, 1999
2 Kismet September, 1999


October, 1999
4 The Twilight Caller November, 1999
5 The Castle January, 2000
6 The Wizard From Oz March, 2000
7 Double Solitaire April, 2000
8 The Trojan Horse May, 2000
9 The Heart of Darkness July, 2000
10 Judgement Day August, 2000


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