Vital Statistics


Name: Mantra
Real Name: Lukasz / Eden Blake
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Cobalt Blue
Hair: Black
DOB: Unknown (Lukasz); August 31 (Eden) (Yes, she's a Virgo. <grin>)
Age: ~1500 (Lukasz); 33 (Eden)
Occupation: Agent for Aladdin
Base of Operations: San Francisco, CA (was Canoga Park, CA)
Marital Status: Widower (Lukasz); Divorced (Eden)
Known Relatives (Lukasz): Marinna (Wife, Deceased)
Known Relatives (Eden): Gus Blake, Sr. (Ex-husband); Barbara Freeman (Mother); Gus Blake, Jr. (Son); Evie Blake (Daughter)

Image from cover of Mantra #1
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Hero Fact File: Mantra
Hero Illustrated #13, July 1994

A two-page summary of Mantra taken from Hero Illustrated magazine.

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