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"All in a day's work..."
UltraForce Vol. 2 #11
August 1996

Quote: "You thought I was dead? Hardly." - Eden Blake

Credits: Dan Shaheen (writer); Pander Bros. (pencils and inks); Moose Baumann (colorist)

Point of Interest: I believe this is the last appearance of Eden Blake in the Ultraverse books.

Main Characters: Ghoul, Mantra


A short six-page backup story featuring Ghoul in a "where is he now" kind of story. Another lost Ultraverse soul also makes an appearance.


  1. Page 1 - Oh, he's not bitter or anything...
  2. Page 2 - How the mighty have fallen
  3. Page 3 - I doubt this is the first time this has happened
  4. Page 4 - An unexpected visitor
  5. Page 5 - Reminiscing and commiserating
  6. Page 6 - A little help when things get rough

* Denotes First Appearance
+ Character Dies

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