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"Demon Night: The Archimage Quest, Chapter III"
Mantra Vol. 1 #12
June, 1994

"...I'm not real!" - ElectroCute

"Maybe you are. I keep myself sane by telling myself that what I am isn't who I am." - Mantra

Credits: Mike W. Barr (writer); Terry Dodson (penciller); Jason Rodriguez (inker)

Cover: Bryan Hitch (penciller); Andy Lanning (inker)

Note: Continued from The Strangers #13; Continued in Giant Size Mantra #1

Main Characters: Mantra, The Strangers

Supporting Characters: Boneyard's wives

Villains: Boneyard, demons


Mantra and The Strangers enter into a battle with Boneyard's demon force, which has been summoned from the Godwheel. Yrial manages to seal the breach that is allowing the demons to come to Earth, but Boneyard escapes, taking Atom Bob as a hostage. Mantra discovers that Yrial also uses a form of black magic, but The Strangers accept this. The heroes search a nearby town for any signs of Boneyard. Citizens of the town mistake The Strangers for demons, but when the real demons show up, they realize their mistake. The heroes find Boneyard and his Wives by tracing the signal from Atom Bob's pager. In the following battle, Atom Bob is freed, and Boneyard is severely wounded by the Sword of Fangs, although he escapes back to his realm.

* Denotes First Appearance

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