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"Hard Road"
Hardcase #21
March, 1995

Quote: "Ugh! You couldn't attract flies with a face like that!" - Hardcase, looking at his scarred face in the mirror.

Credits: James D. Hudnall (writer); Tim Hamilton (penciller); Mark Morales & Rich Rankin (inkers)

Cover: Greg Luzniak (penciller); Craig Gilmore (inker)

Note: The "Mantra" appearance in this issue is brief, and in fact is not Mantra herself, but The Alternate, still in disguise from her appearance in Hardcase #19.

Main Character: Hardcase

Supporting Characters: Celia Brady, Mrs. Hawke*, Bismark, Hardwire, Sol Gernstein, The Alternate, Contrary, Prime

Villain: The Genius


Hardcase has to deal with the aftermath of his battle with NM-E: his house has been destroyed; his face is so badly scarred, his acting career might be over; and lastly, all his friends, except for the true ones, have deserted him in fear that they too might be in danger from an ultra attack at the hands of Hardcase's enemies. Hardcase makes the biggest decision of his life: to go after Mundi. He knows that Mundi's been behind the terrible occurrences in his life: the death of The Squad and NM-E's latest attack that nearly killed him. He buys a super-equipped motor home and takes to the road. He knows he can't turn back until he puts a stop to Rex Mundi for good.


  1. The Alternate has big plans

* Denotes First Appearance
+ Character Dies

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